WorldCON Day 1

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Finished day one of Renovation in Reno.

I missed the opening ceremonies to attend a great panel by author Mary Robinette Kowal on giving good readings   No regrets!  The panel generated several top Tweets on #RenoSF and #WorldCON and provided some great advice, including…

  • Talk to different sections of the back of the room when reading dialog between separate characters.
  • Use a stopwatch to practice ahead of time to bring your reading speed down to 150 words per minute.
  • Resonate from different areas of your mouth, nose, throat, and lungs to depict separate characters and accents.

Mary also did a great job of corralling the crowd to stay on focus and stick with her outline for the panel to provide us with a lot of information in a very small amount of time.  Thanks Mary!

Another panel that I attended talked about social media.  They had a well thought out mix of the old and young on the panel, which provided a great perspective.  One important website that came up in the discussion was .  Check it out!  among the many great topics was how the privacy invasions of despotic regimes aren’t necessary anymore because we give away all of our privacy with social media.  Someone mentioned that George Orwell is rolling over in his grave right now screaming, “NOOOO! You’re doing it all wrong!”

An event that I missed featured Dr. Demento.  They played many of my favorite great humor songs of days gone by and the crowd sang along.  The event produced a lot of Tweets too.  He’ll be back today and if I don’t have anything important to do in that time slot I might stop by.

Ended up paying $7 for parking because I incorrectly interpreted the program as saying that parking at the Con is free.  Parking at the hotels associated with the Con is free, but parking at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center is $7.  I won’t make that mistake again today, especially since there is a skybridge from the Atlantis straight through to the convention center.  Also, I noticed that eating lunch at the bistro (update: actually, not the Bistro…the arcade snackbar) in the arcade room at the Atlantis saves a little money over buying food at the Con.

I found out that the CONSuite at the Atlantis is a great place to rest and get on the Internet between events if you need to.  They also have tables over by the dealer’s room at the convention center as well.  Some folks Tweeted that Internet access was slow but I didn’t have any trouble.  Organizers have asked that folks not use streaming media however, since bandwidth is limited.

Well, I need to sit down now and plan today’s schedule.  Planning out yesterday ahead of time helped me a lot in not spinning my wheels, not missing important panels, and not wearing out too much shoe leather.  It hasn’t gotten too crazy here yet, maybe that won’t happen until Saturday.  I heard that there’s a Christian Fandom party this morning at 8:30 on the 16th floor of the Atlantis.  I think I’ll start there.  Maybe they’re serving food!

My book, Into the Dark: Escape of the Nomad is available in the dealer room at the Con at Larry Smith Booksellers on Island B and Advetures in Time and Space in Island G.  If you’re here at WorldCON and buy a book, get in touch with me (either through the Con message system or this blog) and I’ll find you and sign it with a caption and a personal thank you.  The book tells the story of an astronaut who looses his job when NASA gets cancelled in 2023, so he steals their starship designs and builds the ship on his own, getting himself caught up in a dangerous game of cloak-and-dagger between two alien superpowers fighting over Earth.  Check it out!

~ by Bill Housley on August 18, 2011.

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