I’m Flying to Reno

River running through downtown Reno, Nevada

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The last time I spent time in Reno it was an accident. I was headed to Oakland to teach a computer class and my flight had a stopover in Reno and I was too busy reading a VERY good book. I got off and the plane left and then I figured it out too late. So usually when I think of Reno I think of a desert hillside out the window of the airport when I expected to see the verdant green of California.

No more.

I will arrive in Reno this afternoon to attend the World Science Fiction Convention, Renovation, this week.  I’ll be everywhere at the convention and when I’m not there I’ll be in my hotel room working on “Heritage of a Slave” or “Into the Dark: Pirate’s Blood” or engaged in some type of networking activity with publishers and the like.  If you want to link up with me while I’m at the Con, fill out this form.  It’ll send me an  email that will beep my phone.  WordPress filters these things for spam based on the email address, so you need to include that or I might never see the message.  I will not use your information for anything without your permission.

Now, as much as I like blogging and writing, I think I’ll look out the window and enjoy my flight. I’m a rather odd bird in that flying is so much fun for me I’d be willing to do it just for the flight rather than to go to any actual destination…that is if I could afford to be so frivolous with my time and money as to fly just for flying’s sake alone.

Update:  Well, ok.  I had to land and get to the hotel before I could post it…so it’s all past-tense.  Great flight!


~ by Bill Housley on August 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m Flying to Reno”

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