Comic Con Day 3


So that is what 80,000 people look like.
The largest first Comic Con on record.
Maybe the third largest ever.
Salt Lake City’s first Comic Con is walking off into memory.  I know I’ll never forget it.  This is what I thought Worldcon would be like the first time I went to one, in Reno.  After Reno I set my expectations down a bit on numbers of people, crazy costumes, and dramatic displays.
To my left in this photo is my daughter Alicia.  To my right is my kid sister Cristina.  I seem to have been the best Abraham Lincoln (I only saw one other, and he didn’t have the skilled makeup artist that I did).  Several folks told me that mine was the best costume, but I do not agree.  I looked good (the lighting in this shot doesn’t do me justice), but there were so many excellent versions of so many film and gaming characters that I doubt anyone could name a definitive ‘best’.
Alicia came the last day as Aurra Sing from Star Wars, and in doing so she may have scarred her new Dr. Who cosplay friends from the previous two days for life.  She said hello, they recognised her voice and looked up, their eyes went wide, and then they ran stumbling away.  It was phenomenal!  Her and her husband were photographed, both together and separately, hundreds of times.
I had already nearly lost my voice from the first day, so spending some time just walking around having my picture taken a couple dozen times was somewhat restful.  Each time I sent them off to our booth to talk to Tom about The Pinkertons and our kick starters.
Great fun was had by all and I’m glad I went.  I’m equally happy to be home from it.


~ by Bill Housley on September 8, 2013.

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