The Great Moon Rush…Call for Submissions

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Ok, yes.  I’m annoyed.  However, I’m not the type to whine about things that annoy me without trying to do something about them.

So here it goes…

  • Which way to get to the moon?
    How would human settlements survive there?
    What problems would they face?
    What would folks’ lives be like?
    What things of value are on the Moon to support a settlement?

The current administration’s policies regarding the human exploration of the moon are ill-informed, closed-minded, short-sighted and dangerous. Consequently, I want to do what little I can to help reverse it.

So I’m putting together an anthology of moon settlement stories for submission for publication as an ebook and in paperback in late 2012. The anthology will be tentatively titled “The Great Moon Rush” (unless the publisher wants to call it something else). I’ll be taking submissions until the end of August of 2011. If I don’t receive at least 200 pages of acceptable material (including my own story, “Lunar Nights”) I’ll announce to everyone with accepted submissions that the project is cancelled. If you are a publisher interested in this project, please let me know at the email address below and I’ll keep you informed on the project’s status while you decide.

Submission Guidelines

  • The story has to take place on a permanently occupied base on Earth’s moon.
  • The story must comply with the highest standards of linguistic quality (i.e. good punctuation, grammar, and use of the language).
  • The story should contain some element highlighting a possible and plausible direct benefit for human habitation of the Moon.
  • The the story should contain no more graphic violence than would be found in a PG-13 movie.
  • No sexual content whatsoever (see The Incredible Shrinking Genre if you have any doubts about my convictions on this point).
  • If your characters absolutely must use profanity, remember that it really does reflect on the author also, and the editor of the anthology, so it might get your story rejected without comment.
  • I’ll pay a 5 cents per word royalty advance at the time of publication. Understand that this advance will probably come out of my own pocket, so I’ll need to like your story a lot.
  • I’ll expect you to help me market the book. Subsequently, some prior success in getting your work sold (not just published) will be helpful to selection of your story.
  • You must own the copyrights to the work.
  • Edwardian Scifi, Space opera, Hard-scifi, Steampunk (good luck with that, it really would be cool though), or any other sub-genre of Science Fiction will be acceptable so long as it complies with the content guidelines.
  • No fan-fic please. I don’t like lawyers sending me nasty mail.
  • I may or may not include comments with rejections. If these guidelines are followed closely then maybe, otherwise not.
  • Email submissions to If I don’t see a reply from me within a couple of days confirming receipt of your submission, then drop me a comment here and I’ll check my junk mail filter for it.
  • No simultaneous submissions please. I’ll read the story and get back to you as quick as I can. Easy rejections (the ones that don’t follow these guidelines) will come the quickest because I won’t finish reading them.
  • Length is still open, for now.  We’ll see if I have to specify something for this later.  Stories make their own length, so please don’t compress your novella.  I’ll know.  No, really…I can tell.

~ by Bill Housley on June 18, 2011.

13 Responses to “The Great Moon Rush…Call for Submissions”

  1. Will you consider poetry?

  2. Hello Bill. You may consider reading of a conference that was hosted at the British Columbia Institute of Technology Aerospace Campus in 2008. Presentations were from Harrison (Jack) Schmidt PhD (Apolo 17), Thomas Jones PhD (NASA) and Dr. Robert Richards (Odyssey Moon Ltd).

    Try to view the presentations. There was an interview with Harrison (Jack) Schmidt by a mining magazine on the same day as the presentation. It was a good interview of some of the issues re mining the moon. Jack Baryluk

  3. I’ve had some folks suggest non-fiction blog articles that are themed like this blog. However, for the anthology I’m looking for science fiction stories…like Heinlein’s book “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. In other words, futuristic stories depicting people living on moon settlements, working at moon settlements, etc.

    Also, previously published material will likely to be rejected because I can’t sell it to publishers. Fresh new stuff please.

  4. I’m interetsed Bill. Even a have a short story that would work; just need to blow the moondust off it. How do you want submissions sent? Oh, would that be the big photo that says “To contact Bill, click here”? Spaced again!

  5. Sounds good. 🙂 Do you have any publishers in mind at this early stage?

  6. Stewart C Baker posted about this on Baen’s Bar.

    A story once passed my way that I thought would be a good fit for this. It was a story I liked a lot, but didn’t have enough story space to be able to use.

    When I looked through my records for the author — so that I could email him about this anthology — the story turned out to be “Lunar Nights” by William Housley.

    Sam Hidaka

  7. Thank you all for your submissions.

    Regretfully, I did not receive near enough stories to make this project work.

    Also, I determined when I first put the plan for this anthology into motion not to read any submission unless I had enough to complete the project with a few rejections.

    Please consider this project closed.

    I know that this message is not enough and that I owe each of the folks who submitted stories a personal email concerning this, and I will do that.

    Perhaps my next novel in the Into the Dark series will grow my publicity footprint enough to attempt this project again with greater success.


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