The High Cost of Crude

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We pollute our planet and give away vast amounts of treasure to radical Islamists who want to kill us (or take away our religious freedoms, whichever comes first), and why?  

Because we all like energy.  All of us.  We cannot do or say anything without supporting our oil addiction. 

Don’t believe me?  The computer monitor that you are reading this on was constructed from petroleum products and shipped to you with gasoline and diesel fuel.  Don’t like oil?  Throw the monitor away.  Petroleum produces some of the most energetic, stable fuels we have.  

I work in a carbon fiber plant, a product whose strength and light weight makes it highly touted as an important component to making this country more energy efficiency, but carbon fiber is made of petroleum, and the process that manufactures it is usually fueled by petroleum as well. 

I guess what I am saying is that we can’t stop drilling for petroleum until we stop using it.  That goes for all of us; you, me, Al Gore, etc., and that simply is not possible yet.  Our society relies on the energy that petroleum provides and, like the Carbon Fiber industry, the solutions to our oil dependance need the energy of petroleum to develop. 

What we need is responsible petroleum access and use, things like deep-sea drilling need to happen, but safety procedures need to be put in place to prevent spills like the one currently poisoning the gulf.  Then, in case they do happen, we need to have ways to contain them. 

Then we need to work together to build the technologies to replace petroleum fuels. 

That…and maybe Congress needs to manage energy policy.  The Executive branch is a little too fickle.  Where I live, the local economy depends on oil field jobs for wells on public land and rises and falls with the political party of the President.  Things like deep-sea oil wells take many years and much expense to set up, and once the well is drilled it cannot…or rather SHOULD not…be turned on and off like a bathroom faucet.


~ by Bill Housley on June 1, 2010.

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