Into the Dark Reader’s Guide

Astronaut Stan McPherson worked with a group of NASA scientists who made an amazing discovery, the magic of artificial gravity propulsion—the catapult to the stars.

But before they could build a ship something stopped them, something dark and secretive weeding its way through the world’s cultures and governments.  A conspiracy so vast that the very path of Earth’s culture shifted against interest in space.

So with the help of aliens he doesn’t know, an attractive former defense contractor, and a brash MI6 agent, Stan builds the starship that the world doesn’t want—embroiling himself in a cloak and dagger power struggle between two superpowers on the verge of interstellar war, with the survival of his world in the balance.

Into the Dark—Escape of the Nomad is the heart pounding adventure of a former astronaut and scientist fighting to protect his home from a dangerous and destructive enemy and regain a lost foothold in space for himself and his people.

Questions for Discussion

In what ways are the aliens, their governments, and their cultures described in the Into the Dark different from our own?  In what ways are they same?

How does the author get around the physics of faster-than-light travel so that it seems plausible?

In the book, the author invents several gadgets (or advances on current inventions).  What are some other uses for these items that the author doesn’t mention?

How plausible is the theory of parallel development focused on in Into the Dark?

Does this book increase or decrease your interest in space science and astronomy?

What is your favorite planet in our solar system and why?  Do you think that there are other stars with planets that harbor life?

If you lived in a culture where interstellar space flight was as routine as ocean travel currently is here on Earth, what do you think your occupation would be?

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