Gina Carano Nominated for an Emmy

This is interesting.

Now, I’m really not that knowledgeble about how this stuff works or what motivated LucasFilm and Disney to nominate a Gina Carano, who they have shed from their line-up. What may seem bipolar to some, or a back-handed appology to others, might just be straight up money motive or legal contract CYA. I’ve no doubt that pundits who follow these awards more closely can give a proper assessment and get their two or three cents in and explain it to us neofites.

As some of you may be aware, Gina Carano, the actress who portrays the character Cara Dune in the hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian got in trouble with the woke Twitter hate mob and with her boss Kathleen Kennedy when she refused to declare her preferred pronouns in a defiant and somewhat snarky way. She might not have intended offense in that, but she became a target of social media negativity and cyberbullying. Her attempts to rectify the situation were insufficiently remorseful and when the hate mongers continued to turn up the heat they created in Gina an icon for free speech. Gina posted a meme against hate which basically equated the hate mob with Nazis and LucasFilm responded with a public statement on social media announcing that she no longer worked for them, denouncing her. They then began rewriting the scripts for season three of The Mandalorian and other spin-off series in the Star Wars cannon.

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Her previously filmed episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls on National Geographic TV, a Disney property, was also removed from the release scedule. Her acting agency and publicist both dropped her and it looked like her career as an actress and come to an end.

However, Star Wars fans and rebelled and began cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions in droves. Production of The Mandalorian was delayed due to the rewrites and Disney’s stock price reversed and headed into the dumps to adjust for the reduction in incoming revenue. Theaters were still closed due to Covid19 lockdowns and streaming services like Netflix, Disney, and especially Roku had been enjoying runaway growth. This was not a good time for Disney to have their growth suddenly turn negative. I myself had purchased my Disney+ subscription mostly to watch The Mandalorian.

This damage to Disney’s bottom line was multiplied by Star Wars pundits on YouTube like Star Wars Theory, Drunk3PO, That Star Wars Girl, and others who sided with Gina in multiple vlogs and in some cases even sold pro-Gina Carano and Cara Dune T-Shirts and other swag into the frenzy. Polls showed that roughly 80% of U.S. respondents sided with Gina in the controversy…along with over 60% of Democrats…demonstrating that this was well outside the normal Left vs Right division in the country’s culture war. Disney and Lucasfilm had clearly erred in their handling of the matter and angered a very noticeable proportion of their customers.

Marvel suffered from all this too because of the many crossover fans dropping their Disney+ memberships, the already floundering Wanda Vision series took an additional hit. I watched that series all the way through and enjoyed it, but needed to have some patience with the first several episodes until I figured out where they were going with it. Marvel’s much anticipated series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier opened about the same time as the firing of Gina Carano and its popularity came across somewhat sluggish as a result. Many blamed this directly on the drop in Disney+ memberships that the series had launched right into the middle of.

Sometime during all of this, Gina received a phone call from outspoken religious Conservative talk show host Ben Shappiro offering her a job on his Conservative information source and burgeoning production company, The Daily Wire. She accepted and they have started work together on a new film project directed and starring Gina. He interviewed her on his show one Sunday, the first major opportunity she’d had to tell her side of the story since her breakup with Disney. She said she wasn’t even a political person, and didn’t even vote, prior to all of the hate that far-left Democrats had leveled at her. She began from that time forward to be increasingly political in her social media presence, speaking out against unreasonable mask mandates and supporting voter ID. She has probably now turned into a very loud right-leaning voice that she hadn’t been prior to her being kicked out of the Hollywood culture.

The Bear Grylls episode that she filmed was put back on the schedule, most likely due to fan backlash and efforts by Bear himself to release the episode, but Disney’s advertising deliberately left out Gina’s name, photo or reference to the Dolomites where the episode was filmed. The episode aired on NatGeo TV this week.

Now we hear that her name has appeared on the “For Your Consideration” Emmy nomination entry put together by someone at LucasFilms.

Again…I don’t know why. I guess we’ll find out.

~ by Bill Housley on May 11, 2021.

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