Space is Moving Again

Starlink launches have been routine, moving toward the largest globel Intenet provider on the planet.

Starship test explosions…yawn…same thing. BTW, SpaceX if your listening…down vote SN11. we didn’t even get to see it for the fog (time index 2:52 on the below video)! When you blow up a rocket, please, it needs to be on clear days.

However…two developments last week.

The SpaceX starship lunar lander version was selected to carry NASA crew to the surface of the moon, poking a big, fat, exploding thumb in the eye of the old-space sponsored “Lobby Lander” (my favorite) and Blue Origin’s “we don’t know what we’re doing, so let’s just make it bigger” lander. However, I looked at the press release REALLY CLOSE and I still don’t know when this landing is even planned to occur. Artemis WAS planned for 2024 by the Trump administration but the Democrat House of Representatives didn’t want to do anything nice for the orange man, so they refused to fund that timetable, but what about now? Please, don’t give me that “we have more urgent things to spent money on right now” B.S. You have a Democrat President now that you want to re-elect in 2024. Get with it.

The other positive development is the flight of Ingenuity yesterday!

Probably just something short, but NASA’s twin-blade minicopter flew on Mars, promising not only much more mobile exploring of Mars by NASA, but also promises some great future drone fly-over selfies of the Perseverance rover. Come on, you knew that was the reals reason why they built it. Why should YouTubers have all the fun? Selfie cameras on a stick only go so far and require action to be truly interesting.

Lastly, the Crew-2 flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon is getting ready for NASA’s flight to the International Space Station. If it feels like the launch cadence for that spacecraft is a little bit frequent, it’s because the other partner, the mighty Boeing, still won’t their crap together until sometime next year. NASA, if you were going to go with amateurs who come late to the party, it could have at least been the Dream Chaser space plane.

Well, I don’t have a lot of time. Still working on promoting “Twighlight Tales” and while preparing a short story for a future LTUE anthology while further polishing the manuscript for my next book “A Good Life” (really need to get that one finished soon).

~ by Bill Housley on April 19, 2021.

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