Welcome To The Resistance

Over the years, for decades, isolated complaints have floated to the surface that the various entertainment industries in the United States such as publishing and film production discriminate against social Conservatives. The various incidents remained isolated and low-key enough that they went largely unnoticed and were easily denied. More recently, cyber bullying has risen alongside the popularity and power of social media, and with it an ugly cancer known as Cancel Culture has grown from a very loud, far Left cultural minority which uses institutional bigotry and political bias to frighten businesses and individuals into promoting their way of thinking over all others. Often, targets are selected for this persecution very unevenly and on scant or strained evidence and/or provocation.

Enter former female Mixed Martial Arts champion and American Gladiators star Gina Carano, who has also now costarred in several movies and has had a gig for the past couple of years co-starring on the Lucasfilm/Disney+ runaway Star Wars hit series The Mandalorian. Gina played Cara Dune, a rough and dangerous former shock trooper for The Resistance who teams up with the lead protagonist, Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal), on several episodes in Seasons 1 and 2. Cara Dune is from the planet Alderaan, which was destroyed by a super weapon on a huge warship called the Death Star an hour into the first Star Wars epic movie “A New Hope“. However, this fairly new Cara Dune character has recently been erased from the script for the upcoming Season 3 of The Mandalorian and immediate plans for a spin-off series based on her character have been scrapped.

It turns out, Gina objected to efforts last year by some people to get her to declare her preferred gender pronouns on her social media presence. To display her objection, she posted “Beep Bop Boop” (one of the robots on Star Wars talks like that) to her Twitter profile instead, in order to demonstrate that it was HER Twitter profile and that she could put whatever she wanted on it. The explosion of hate that went after her for that little act of defiance against the thought police sent her to the LGBT relations office of Disney to explain herself and try and save her job and her future career as a professional actress.

Long story short, they didn’t want her to have a career anymore, nor would they accept her offered apologies. Along the way the vitriol directed against her not only turned her into a political Conservative, but also a vocally active one. She voted for the first time in her life and began to use social media to gently poke needles under the skin of the woke Left which further enraged the mob against her.

The increased negative attention against Carano caused Disney to begin de-emphasizing the Cara Dune character in their promotions of The Mandalorian. At some point in the escalation, Lucusfilm told an artist who had been hired by them to put together promotional artwork for The Mandalorian was told by someone there to erase Cara Dune’s face from a poster he’d painted for them and replace her with another popular female Star Wars character, the beloved Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars cartoon series. That character had appeared in a very popular episode of The Mandalorian with actress Rosario Dawson playing the role. Disney has started work on a live action spin-off series based on that character. The artist, Mark Raats of course complied and replaced Cara Dune with Ashoka Tano in the painting, I mean business is business right? However, he may not have liked doing it. Out of an apparent desire to make sure folks knew what was going on, he posted a video on Twitter of how he made that edit to his artwork. We all watched him literally erase Gina’s face from the completed painting and paint in Rosario’s. Many fans of Gina Carano and Cara Dune complained loudly at this, taking it as an in-your-face slight by the artist and Disney aimed at them and at Gina. The backlash caused Mark to remove the video from Twitter.

There had already been several dueling Twitter hashtags like #WeLoveCaraDune, #FireGinaCarano and #IStandWithGinaCarano as well as numerous Scifi and online gaming commentators on YouTube like Drunk3Po talking about the scandal with mounting energy. Much was said online about the motivation within Disney to have Gina’s face removed from the artwork and replaced with Rosario’s. Was Gina’s employment at Disney in jeopardy? Who was running the show over there and where was all of this headed? The heated words online among the fans further escalated. The dueling Twitter hashtags began competing with each other in trend campaigns in order to garner increasing public attention to the controversy, the one side pressuring Disney executives to fire Gina…the other side warning that such an action, if taken for those reasons, would certainly backfire against the franchise.

Gina Carano is not the cold, battle-hardened Cara Dune. She is an actual, real person.

It all reached a crescendo when Gina posted a meme on her Instagram feed that the pointed out that the hate that was fostered against the Jews in Germany eventually led to the horrific, institutionally condoned torture and genocide against them. The meme likened that hate campaign to the hatred currently on display by too many people in the U.S. over politics.

Folks, it has been said many times that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, and many apparent Nazi parallels have been pointed out by many different political factions around the world against one and other ever since WWII. The evils of the Nazis nearly destroyed the world and while it is true that many have still been slow to learn all of the lessons from that horrific period, it is also true that very few people in the world today are actual Nazis.

While Nazi Germany did set a historic example of what people should not do to each other, it was also an epic, evil regime that combined many bad things into one place. Vague Nazi and Hitler references, used against individual components of people’s ideas, tend to come across as very heavy handed, bigoted, and myopic. We probably shouldn’t use them as they almost never accurately portray the hearts and motivations of the groups targeted with them and have become iconic in their own right as being overused…often saying more about the person using them than the groups and individuals at which they are targeted.

Also, the woke Left seems to think that such references should only be used against their rivals on the Right and they get very unreasonably hot under the collar when someone turns around and stamps the swastika on them.

Personally, I prefer to liken the bad blood between today’s populists on opposite sides of the isle in this country to the events leading up to the U.S. Civil War. The Jews in Germany were an ethnic minority…a very convenient scapegoat that Hitler exploited to unite the German people in support of his imperialism. Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. are both far too numerous, and potentially far too dangerous, for anyone to get away with treating them the way the Jews in pre-World War II Germany were treated. Hateful, closed-minded epithets and violence being flung back and forth across the chasm between two equally powerful and diametrically opposed ideologies does not unite a country, it divides it…to the point that it risks a totally different category of tragedy than the one that destroyed Germany.

Anyway, shortly after her Instagram post, Gina learned through social media that she no longer worked for LucasFilm or Disney.

The Internet responded with swift and overwhelming criticism of Disney’s action. Many fans interpreted the firing as politically motivated. Gina Carano’s fame exploded. The Star Wars resistance fighter, Cara Dune, became a metaphor for Conservatives combating abuse within the Hollywood culture. Commentary and artwork likened Disney, Lucasfilm, and Cancel Culture to the evil Galactic Empire depicted in Star Wars…with someone even releasing a painting of Cara Dune being blown out the airlock of a spacecraft by the popular Mandalorian character, Baby Yoda. Gina became the top hit on the entertainment search engine IMDB, and Disney and Lucasfilm power brokers (Kathleen Kennedy in particular), became targets of outrage and cyber bullying from legions of Star Wars fans of every political stripe.

Disney customers, a fairly Conservative demographic, angrily began cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions.

Star Wars fans became even further angered by the stream of last minute adjustments that had to be made to Disney production plans in the wake of Cara Dune disappearing from the list of characters as an entire spin-off series disappeared with her and delays on other productions were announced as scripts were rewritten. Many fans who go to fiction to escape the divisiveness of politics, now feared that Disney and Star Wars were about to become a mouthpiece for the Progressive side of the Culture War in the U.S. instead of entertaining.

Disney’s stock had a very rough several weeks, which angered the stock holders. The stock price free-fall ended shortly after Gina accepted a new job with politically Conservative production company, The Daily Wire and did an interview with its owner, Ben Shapiro. In the interview, the first real opportunity she had to tell her side of the story, she explained everything: how she wasn’t even a political person prior to this, how she found out the firing on social media and in an email accidentally CCed to her, how she hated bullies and how she wasn’t the only person at Disney who lived in fear of Cancel Culture. Rumor has it that she now has another, even more revealing, interview scheduled with a major news network and that Disney’s CEO will fire Kathleen Kennedy before the upcoming stockholder meeting on March 9th if she doesn’t present a good public explanation to answer Gina’s accusations.

The whole purpose of woke Left Cancel Culture is to defund and silence Conservatives. Well, because of their ham-fisted attempt to silence Gina Carano, her popularity has blossomed and her voice has grown louder than ever before. The Daily Wire’s subscription rate and market footprint, with its very persuasive Conservative message, is growing even faster because she now works for them and will produce and star in a movie made by them. Other Conservative commentators have made money and gotten increased attention off of this as well. The whole fiasco has erased an important money-making character from Star Wars and Lucasfilm and made her into a megaphone and fundraising source for Republicans and Libertarians. Disney has become the scape-goat for a free speech impediment that has increasingly divided our nation ever since the Vietnam War and Roe vs Wade and U.S. citizens and elected officials have started rethinking how seriously they take the woke Left. Disney cannot go back now either. Gina Carano and Disney now walk different paths.

The radical Left-wing, self-appointed thought police have grown into a disease that must be cured. Drunk3Po has a T-Shirt about this on his page…the profits from which go to charity…

Welcome To The Rebellion Black T-Shirt Front

During her MMA career, Gina Carano was known for hitting hard in the ring.

That doesn’t seem to have changed.

I remember the beginning of this phenomenon that we call Star Wars. It changed the world. We returned to the theater multiple times so see “A New Hope” again and again. The world in which we live, the language that we speak, the metaphors that we use, have all been influenced by it. In a way, everyone, whether they fans of the show or not, all live part of our lives in this house that George built. The people who work at Lucasfilm productions say that they and their coworkers are all fans of this saga. Now, I realize that this can well up strong emotions in folks about where the story goes. However, let us not forget that people…real humans…have their livelihoods tied up in it. We who watch and read these stories go to our respective jobs, get paid, buy food, and pay our bills whether Star Wars rises or falls. It is easy to get online and share opinions…I certainly to so a lot…but at the end of the day all of us struggle to survive together as we ride through the lifeless emptiness of space on this lone starship we call Earth. In spite of varying careers, lifestyles, and political ideas, the things which make us alike are far more numerous than the things which make us different.

~ by Bill Housley on March 2, 2021.

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