What Were They Thinking?

Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

Shortly after the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, declared that he would obey the Constitution and the 1887 law governing his duties in the fair counting of electoral votes before Congress (something that I predicted he would do), a riot broke out. It happened during the House and Senate debates over the objection to Arizona’s electors. Debate had to be suspended as Capital Police locked down the building and defended the lives of those who didn’t have time to evacuate after lawless right-wing thugs stormed our country’s Capital Building. Several of the intruders were seen inside important areas of the facility. A woman was shot to death in the chaos. At this writing authorities don’t appear to have released her name yet.

Later, D.C. police cleared the capital grounds and the Mayor issued a curfew which was then enforced by the police to restore order.

The debates resumed later that night and the counting of the electoral vote tally might stretch on into the morning unless they call a recess and continue tomorrow.

What did those terrorists hope to achieve by this childish display? Elected officials, people put in their offices by the votes of our fellow citizens, stand behind those podiums and sit behind those desks, and these yahoos desecrated those places. They spilled blood on the floors of our halls of government! They committed a lawless, tyrannical, act of war against everyone who lives in this God created country!

I support the Constitution of the United States and I support the lawful objections that some Republican lawmakers have raised against the electoral votes from states that allegedly carried out unconstitutional elections. I don’t see where their actions caused enough fraud to impact the outcome of the Presidential election, but that should not prevent public discussion of lawlessness in the highest offices of some of the states leading up to the election. Many misused their power in various unconstitutional attempts to leverage the Covid epidemic to procedurally skew the voting advantage toward Democrats and to encourage and facilitate felony election fraud. Then, after the election, state and county agencies who are supposed to protect their citizens right to vote, and to encourage public confidence in the outcome of the election, instead continue to abuse the sacred duty delegated to them from the legislators elected by their people by withholding the lawfully requested information necessary to investigate allegations of impropriety in an attempt to run out of the clock on the electoral process. That being said, I also find myself cheering Democrat speeches tonight condemning the deplorable acts of my fellow Republicans who violated our constitutional process with this vicious and selfish attack.

How many of the traitors who assaulted the halls of power this afternoon called out with me against the lawlessness of the far-Left this summer as they tore down our country’s monuments, looted its businesses and burned areas of its cities? What were these Trump supporters actually speaking out against for those tense months? I opposed the violence itself, in support of our nation’s laws. Apparently, those people who rushed the capital today were only speaking out in support of THEIR laws and only oppose the violence perpetuated by the other guy. In the recordings of this riot in Washington today, I heard one of the rioters yell, “F___ YOU PIGS!” at the police attempting to protect those inside the capital. The Republican party that I support supports our police and our laws…all of our laws. Both the law and the law enforcement heroes on duty at the capital building today were injured by these my fellow Republicans as they smeared a bloody stain on our nation’s precious tapestry…breaking a centuries-long string of peaceful transfers of power within our borders.

As I sit here and write this, I borrow some of my words from both Republicans and Democrats as they reach my ears from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. They mingle talk about this armed insurrection with the issue for which they have gathered tonight. The perpetrators of this lawless attempted coup have done what similar acts always do…they have redirected the country’s dialog towards them and away from the country’s lawful business.

This has been a day of infamy and I sit here embarrassed that some members of my caucus have abandoned the virtues that keep us all free. Disagree with the actions of government and the way it’s wheels turn all you like, but remember that we the people, all of us, not the loudest and most violent among us, have been entrusted by our forefathers with a sacred obligation to do the solemn work necessary to hold this Great Experiment together.

Let us not shirk our duty again.


~ by Bill Housley on January 6, 2021.

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