All Black Lives Matter

I of course join my voice in support of black lives mattering.

Let us make a list of several different ways a disproportionate number of African Americans are killed in the United States, the “Melting Pot” of nations, shall we?

  • Contrary to what many of my fellow Republicans say, when counted per capita, more blacks are killed or brutalized by police than whites. It is also true that many of these crimes against humanity go unreported, so we can assume that the actual numbers are a bit higher than what we can see.
  • Also, Black murders against other blacks occur more often than black murders against whites. This is not a racial issue, it is a community issue and the black community needs to take it seriously and stop blaming other people for it.
  • People are targeting and killing black children. Planned Parenthood kills far more blacks in the womb in the U.S. per capita than whites. Their offices have been concentrated in black neighborhoods by eugenicists for whom controlling black populations matters a lot.

So, why do goals like defunding the police matter so much to Black Lives Matter, even though these other two problems matter so much more in terms of actual black lives lost? Could it be that the actual number of black lives lost doesn’t really matter so much to Black Lives Matter or their supporters as do the totally unrelated political implications of large-scale protests in an election year?

Yes, it has been said by some that all that really matters to Black Lives Matter is that President Donald Trump not serve a second term and that all this drama is designed to achieve that end, but to me that doesn’t seem to make sense. Why would Black Lives Matter think that black lives matter more to Joe Biden than they did to the Republican Presidents Reagan, Ford, Bush, Bush and Trump, when black lives really didn’t seem to matter all that much more to Democrat Presidents Carter, Clinton or Obama?

The truth is that black lives may have mattered a whole lot to some or all of these men, it’s just that the powers of the President of the United States…even if he is a black man from Chicago…don’t really matter that much to black lives. Poverty, for example, is the product of folks not making enough money to support themselves where they live…so it’s really more of a state and local issue. “States” in the United States of America are not fully sovereign, but there is distribution of control, and a thing that we call “States Rights” where local populations elect local officials to deal with local issues. It is also a geographically large and culturally diverse country, so this works best when outside influences like the power in far away Washington D.C. stays out of local matters. Poverty and crime are local matters. The city police, with their hiring practices and rules of engagement, are managed under the authority of the mayor and city council. The state police are managed under the governor and state legislature. It is also their job to protect Federal property located within the state like Social Security offices and the like. Federal law enforcement like the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security shouldn’t have to do that…and it is not a good thing if they do.

So the power that should matter the most to black lives in the U.S. are the elected mayors of America’s largest cities and the governors of those states…most of whom are Democrats. Should it also matter that most of these same cities have, or have had, black Democrat attorneys general and city prosecutors who work daily with the police and for whom black lives should matter more than anyone? Many of those same cities also have a proportional or near proportional mix of black democrats on their police forces. Does that matter to you? Because it doesn’t seem to matter all that much to Black Lives Matter who don’t seem to focus on that.

Something else that matters is the Black Lives Matter effort against the statues of prominent Confederates…which are essentially monuments to dead Democrats. That’s right, those statues in public squares and Confederate flags that fly over public property matter a lot to Black Lives Matter, as well they should. Those are the flags of a treasonous organization full of people to whom the unity and long-term future of this country did not matter near as much as their own selfish “right” to enslave blacks! It matters (but not to Black Lives Matter) that the Confederate flag that they rightly want to do away with, flew over vast armies of Democrats as they fought and died for slavery. More Americans died in the American Civil War than in any other war before or since, almost as many as of all other U.S. wars combined. Still, even though other civil wars around the world are fought over money or power for particular persons, the thing that mattered the most to the lives of Democrats before and during the American Civil War was keeping their slaves.

All black lives matter, all of them, not just the few that are killed by police. Who can stop the deaths?
Photo by Todd Trapani on

Folks for whom ending slavery truly mattered banded together to stop it and called themselves Republicans. Then they elected the first Republican President who boldly, and many at the time said illegally, used an executive order as head of the country’s executive branch and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, to free all black slaves in the rebel states and in the Army, Navy, and Washington DC. This turned the tide of slavery in the United States and later led to the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution which officially freed all U.S. black slaves by legislative action.

It also led to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination…by a bullet fired from the pistol of a Democrat. They didn’t stop there. Black lives still mattered so much to Democrats that after the war some of the veterans of the Confederacy got together and founded the Ku Klux Klan. Yeah, Democrats have SO earned the alliance of blacks today. They do find buses to take the inner city poor to the voting booths though. At least that’s something.

I think that matters. Do you? Leave comments.

~ by Bill Housley on July 29, 2020.

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