Self-Impeachable? Not if you’ve been paying attention.

Take yourself back…back to 2015 and 2016 when a clown entered the Republican Presidential Primaries. People laughed, as they have always laughed through the years, at this swaggering, orange-haired demagog who would be king.

But graphic artist Scott Adams, author of the popular Dilbert comics, saw something else. He, as a trained hypnotist, recognized method in Trump’s madness. Throughout the primaries when Trump said and did things that everyone else thought should spell the end of his political hopes, Mr. Adams called each shot. Seeing the seeds of planning in Trump’s antics, he made the case that Trump had weaponized the art of persuasion and that each of these extreme remarks were part of the act of a master showman…a circus performance in the political theater. Scott, though claiming to not be a Trump fan, obviously admired Trump’s persuasion skills and risked his entertainment career by predicting a Trump victory early and blogging along with every step of the campaign, leaving the inaccurate impression that he was himself a MAGA.

He wasn’t, but he became one. I watched as even this thoughtful, political moderate and persuasion expert was himself persuaded. Like Saruman of Lord of the Rings, who thought about the One Ring so much that its lure reached out from the unknown depths to seize his soul, Scott Adams became a Trumpster.

Do you remember how Trump used his targeted persuasion tricks to isolate and destroy each of his opponents in the Primaries? That is the same Donald Trump that will run for reelection in 2020. No one who can admit that Trump is a conman can say that he will be self destructive. Nothing he does has the same impact on him as it does on other politicians because nothing he does shocks anyone. He set the expectations for low early on.

I have been a fiscal Conservative my entire adult life, but I’m a social moralist first and despised Bill Clinton more for his lazefare attitude toward truth and sexual morality than for his political views. So you can understand why I don’t like Donald Trump. I don’t like how he campaigns. I don’t like his egotistic attitude. I don’t like his casual relationship with the truth. I don’t like his childish temper or his base tendency to have to be managed by those around home to keep him from breaking the law. Also, unlike Scott Adams, I’m not a fan of his methods of pursuasion either. Just the same, I’m not willing to tear up my Conservative dance card and go boogie with the Progressives just because we have deeply flawed Republican President…and he has so far been a very effective Republican President.

So, it does look like I’ll be voting for Donald Trump, not because I like Trump the man, but because I’ve decided that I need to tolerate Trump the President…and also because the Democrat Party ain’t better than Trump when it comes to truth-telling and has shifted way to far Left to enjoy my tolerance.

I’m not alone. Some Conservatives might vote for Joe Biden if he wins the Democratic nomination, but they won’t vote to send Bernie Sanders or worse…Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker…to the White House. Moderates aren’t going to vote for that pack either.

Also, back in 2016 the Progressives and the Liberal end of the news media had more credibility. Trump can now blow smoke at anything they say that he has done and the issue will lose energy while the still reasonable among us wait to see if the allegation is real or just another desperate lie from a Liberal advocacy group.

So if you’re reading this and your a Democrat, then you should nominate Joe Biden. He is your only hope against Trump. Ya, I know I said after Election 2016 that you should have nominated Bernie Sanders, but that ship has long since sailed. That was 2016 and this is 2020…it’s a whole new ball game now.

Don’t expect the Millennials to come to Bernie’s rescue either…they all have jobs now. They pay taxes, own homes, invest in the Stock Market, and many of them want to be rich like Bernie some day. There aren’t enough Progressives left among them to elect anyone President.

And watch out for statements like “Self-Impeaching” in reference to Donald Trump. Such things are only spoken by arrogant people with short memories.

~ by Bill Housley on May 11, 2019.

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