When Will 9-11 End? #NeverForget

Seventeen years have passed, but our eyes still see smoking towers.

They take our fingernail clippers at the airport, but they can’t take away our fear.

We invaded Afghanistan, but the war there never ends.

We invaded Iraq, and we still don’t know why.

We abandoned Iraq to the Wahhabists, unleashing an old demon upon the world, and the Wahhabists destroyed two countries.

The world defeated the Wahhabists, but ISIL continues to rape, murder and plunder.

We’ve tossed the word “Terrorist” around until it is both narrower and broader than ever before in history, but the terror still doesn’t end.

Many, many multiples of the 9/11 dead have perished and the killers continue to kill the killers and the killing of the innocent lives on.

When will the hate and bloodletting stop so the healing can begin?

When will those deaths in New York, The Pentagon, and that Pennsylvania field mean something substantive?

When will all this pain end?




~ by Bill Housley on September 11, 2018.

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