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Jessica and Bobby Ratcliff, child soldiers, orphaned by war, flee to another planet to find peace. But when they arrive they find the enemy there ahead of them. Now, in a wore torn city overrun with insurgents and other refugees, thirteen-year old Jessica must find a life of peace for her and her brother as a local resistance cell tries to suck them back into the fighting…learning along the way the true difference between friend and enemy.


And for just a dollar!

When Pauline and her husband experience a deadly gas leak on board their cargo ship on the way to Saturn, she discovers a mysterious stowaway and a lifetime friend she never knew she had.


Humanity on Earth is extinct, destroyed by a meteor impact. Some humans escaped and now live on a distant planet. But wait a minute…wasn’t there someone there before? What happened to them and what did their destroyers have to become in order to survive?

This disturbing 600 word flash fiction story explores the necessity of war and the evolution of a conquering race.



Available for Pre-Order!

You kept asking for it, now here it is! An eBook version of my first full-length novel.

Into the Dark: Escape of the Nomad

Stan McPherson, an out of work astronaut, steals the plans for an Interstellar spacecraft from a defunct NASA and becomes embroiled a deadly game of cloak and dagger being waged between alien superpowers fighting over Earth.




Look for these and other titles on my Amazon page, or the sidebar of this blog.

~ by Bill Housley on September 3, 2018.

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