The Gravity of It All…#Mindblown


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Two black holes collided, invisibly obliterating in an imperceivable instant the mass equivalent of three suns.

The energy released equaled the output of all the stars in the universe times fifty.

Last year, that energy arrived here, and for a split second everything you know stretched and then shrank by less than the width of an atom.

I know, I’m a Science Fiction author, but I promise I’m not making this stuff up. Researchers at two specially designed facilities have measured a gravity wave…a hiccup in space-time that emanated from that event and arrived here last year. Two more gravity wave observatories will be built later in other parts of the world to help add details to future events of this kind. The implications of our ability to study gravity in this way are difficult to comprehend. It gets into the very deepest fundamentals of the forces that hold everything together.

I don’t usually write about such things…but this just too cool.

They hope to be able to use gravity wave detectors to study the internal workings of much smaller events…like supernovas!

Again…mind blown.


~ by Bill Housley on February 14, 2016.

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