Feed Store #Writing101


Eight varieties of chicken pullet.
Four varieties of turkey.
Two varieties of gosling.
Standard duckling.
All tweeting.
Just like people.
Some types flee from me.
Some types ignore me.
Some types look at me as if to say, “Would he be my freind?”
Just like people.
“We have room in the back yard,” say my wife and son.
“We’d need to buy more than just the chicks,” I say. “They’d need food and shelter”.
I talked them out of it.
Then I came to the feed store,
I looked at the eight varieties of chicken pullet,
Like little fuzz balls.
Four varieties of turkey,
With their ragged wings.
Two varieties of gosling,
Already noisy.
Already noisy.
Standard duckling.
Then I think about eggs and drumsticks,
And start reading books about raising chickens.


~ by Bill Housley on April 15, 2015.

One Response to “Feed Store #Writing101”

  1. Perplex poem but i like it! That’s how the poems are written! Great piece you have here. Don’t worry if you had trouble, you did a great description.I can see myself at the feeding place and looking at the chicks and hearing the noise. Good job. Thank you for sharing.

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