iPhone Abuse

iphone abuseAdvertise that you've built a tough phone, and what do people do?

Folks, please…

I don’t use an iPhone, I like Android, but still. I think it is a good phone and I’m quite sure…I don’t know…could Apple please release some non-functional mockups for these kids to play with?

Really? Really? A 4 lb sledge hammer? The phone be like, “If you smash me, will I not…bleed?”

And is it really necessary to do a test to see if stainless steel can scratch aluminum? I saw him pick up that knife and knew what would happen without him having to go all the way through and to mar the finish to prove it.

I was impressed with how well the phone endured the pain before it died though. We really get to know who the phone really is, right?

Is that really necessary? Children really shouldn’t play with guns. If your going to shoot a phone, do it to an obsolete one…oh, wait. 😉

Of course, it did take two shots to kill it. Call it the Grizzly phone maybe. “Bear Phone” just wouldn’t sound quite right to the ear. Wrong images.

Of course, fire, I should have seen that one coming. I admit that I did wonder though, right up until I realized the inevitable. You’d be replacing the phone after that anyway, even if it did still work, so what’s the point?

Aaaaand then liquid nitrogen…OK, I have to admit that one was pretty cool, but again with the hammer?

No. This is what happens when good phones meet bad people. Give them all pre-pay bricks to use until they learn how to take better care of their toys. 😉

I only wish I could put an Android Facebook app update on top of a fencepost and shoot it. :-p

~ by Bill Housley on December 11, 2014.

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