Time To Vote

voteFor a very, very long time and in some parts of the world still, changes in government have been accompanied by rivers of blood.

Today, instead of that, we in the United States of America can vote.

Now I know that you sometimes may feel like your vote doesn’t count, but it does. Your little vote combines with my little vote and the votes of your neighbors and my neighbors to seat or unseat the powerful. If you decide that you don’t care, then the reasons why you don’t care also apply to groups of other people like you and those votes don’t go out and it can dramatically impact outcomes.

At the end of the day today in the United States, there will very likely be a dramatic shift in power from Democrat to Republican in the Federal legislature. They say that part of the reason for this change is because certain groups of folks, disillusioned by President Obama and the general state of things, will likely stay home and not vote. Ironically, these are the same culture classes of people who, in times past, were compelled to fight and kill and die to protect an unpopular sitting king from power change.

Voter turnout has always affected midterm elections more than Presidential ones. Folks tend to go to the polls to elect Presidents. However, in every election the ballot contains many things of far more direct and daily impact on us than a U.S. President. State legislators, mayors, judges, school board trustees…these people have far more immediate influence over your life than any U.S. President, and those contests frequently turn on just a handful of votes.

I am running for School Board Trustee in a small town. There are five seats up for grabs and eight candidates. Us challengers vary somewhat in our philosophies, the incumbents also. If I’m elected, the schools in this town will feel the impact of my perspective for the next four years. I have no doubt the same is true of the other candidates. Four years is a long time in the life of a child and their stories will be shaped by some folks’ decision to vote or not to vote today. The new Common Core Standards will trigger changes in the schools, and those changes will be put into play by school boards. They will hold in their hands the education of the next generation and future economy of this nation.

In light of that, who cares if there isn’t a U.S. President up for reelection? Who cares if many of the groups who voted for him two years ago feel buyer’s remorse today? What difference should that make when we still have to fill other seats with people who will make the rules and implement the policies that touch our lives most directly? None!

Go out and cast your vote today. I beg you.


~ by Bill Housley on November 4, 2014.

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