A strange dog threatened me in my yard last week. I waved my arms and yelled at him and he went away.

I do this all the time. Dogs are shameless cowards because natural selection has bred them to prey on the weak. It is a biological reality. I am bigger than any dog, smarter, and almost as loud. If yelling doesn’t work to scare away a potential case of dog-bite, then I can convincingly howl like a wolf or roar like a grizzly. I can do this while chasing them and I know not to corner them. A dog can run faster than I can, but I can run far enough to keep the animal running away from me until they are well outside their “fine, you are too far away from me to matter” zone.

Is this mean of me? Any mean dog threatening me or my family runs when I play their game. They are better off if they do because I am also armed and know how to kill a dog even if I wasn’t. I wouldn’t harm a dog unless it physically attacked me, I like animals and especially dogs. Dogs usually like me. They are “Man’s Best Friend” and I’d much rather pet a dog than frighten it away or hurt it.

But why the attitude? When I was around seventeen years old I was tall enough, mean enough, sarcastic enough, and had enough Martial Arts training to get bullies to finally leave me alone. Before that I wasn’t. Now you can’t hate a dog for being a dog…but humans acting like dogs are a different story.

I’m not going to involve myself here with either side of #GamerGate, as far as I’m concerned it is an internal conflict brewed out of an industry’s growing pains. I have friends, relatives and fans on both sides of it, culturally speaking, and I agree with their concerns. I will only say that I oppose the stereotyping of women as sluts, which game designers are notorious for. I mention that in the context of #GamerGate because it is one of the sub-issues of that controversy and an issue that I feel strongly about. I would just like to urge all of the folks embedded in all that brewhaha to lighten up and at least pretend to be civilized.

I also won’t involve myself on the issue of gun control…at least not today. It dove-tails into #GamerGate because of a recent #GamerGate relevent event cancellation at Utah State University over Utah’s conceal-carry laws. I have always regarded gun control as a “Teddy Bear” solution (those who know me personally may have heard me voice that metaphor in the past on various things). For now I’ll just link to fellow conservative author Larry Correia, who is more in the trenches than I am on Gun Control. I agree with most of his remarks on the USU stuff HERE.

However, those of you who have issued threats of violence against others are acting like savage dogs. Oh, and by the way, the cop-out “I was only joking” is bull crap (I had to delete some profanity in my comments there) used to justify abusive behavior after the fact, and victimize the the victim further by making them out out as overly sensitive. Tell me please, how can a person receiving a death threat ever know if it is real or not if they don’t know the person who issued it? It is really easy for these tools to cower behind their pseudonyms (fake online names), to scare others, to bring an online conflict into their RL (real life) with death threats, rape threats, mass murder threats, and threats against the safety of their families. It’s really easy for this human scum to sit behind the cover of their own pseudonyms and reveal another person’s personal information (doxing) presumably, but not always with the honesty of explicit proclamations, to give other folks physical access to them for committing crimes. These cyber-barbarians behave like ISIL, but at lease THAT scum has the stones to risk some of their own personal safety for what they do.

My name is William Aaron Housley and I live in Evanston, Wyoming. My public email address is If you disagree with me on anything, I don’t care if you walk right up to me on the street and tell me to my face, and I will answer you to your face and try to treat you in a civilized manner, for such is my preferred way of doing things. If you disturb my workplace we will have the police escort you off of the premises. If you persist, we will have you cited for trespassing. If you commit assault against me personally, I will defend myself. If you survive that I’ll send the police to the ICU to arrest you and prosecute you and throw you in jail once you are physically able to go there. If you attempt to commit physical harm on my family I will defend them physically or legally, whichever is more appropriate to the circumstances. If I catch you in the attempt I will treat you as an invader and end you.

Having revealed all of those things about myself, please understand that for a few hundred dollars anyone can find out anything about just about anyone in the U.S., especially if they have some kind of legitimate legal ax to grind. No person on the Internet is anonymous. Even proxy sites are traceable with a court order from law enforcement agencies investigating crimes. However most of the idiots lobbing that kind of crap around aren’t even smart enough to know how to try to cover their tracks. They think their keyboards and computers shield them enough to protect them from the legal ramifications of illegal behavior…right up until the moment the suits and badges knock on the door. They can usually count on the rules that keep U.S. law enforcement comparatively civilized, but they can’t expect quite so much from the crowd that one joins after the hand-cuffs and fingerprinting. Just sayin’.


Many here online don’t want government to control the online world, but that doesn’t mean that anarchy can rule. Cyber-terrorism violates the rules that everyone signs onto when they access the cloud. If they violate the rules lots of us know how to very easily backtrack them to the server that stores their content and have them deleted with just a message or phone call. I’ve participated in this process at every level at one point or other of my computer tech career. It’s easy. All access to the Internet is, at some level, funded, offered and administered by legitimate business interests that have to obey the law. Any that does not will be shut down either directly through court-order or indirectly through the lawsuits of victims, and that costs them much more than any little slithering piece of human slime is worth.


~ by Bill Housley on October 25, 2014.

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