She Won!

Malala YousafzaiYears ago, Malala Yousefazai sat on a school bus with her friend in the Swat Valley of Pakistan when a man from the Taliban suddenly boarded the bus and shot her in the head. Malala had made a name for herself as a social media activist in support of girls’ education. Her blog chronicled the arrival of the Taliban in her town and the resulting violent imposition of strict Islamic law…which includes not permitting girls and women to obtain an education. I’ve written about this here before.

Malala miraculously survived, and the more her enemies tried to silence her the more people heard her voice. The left side of her mouth does not smile anymore, the way it does in this photo, but she talks louder now. She has been interviewed countless times by the news media and even gave a speech before the United Nations.

This week she received the Nobel Peace Prize alongside a prominent Indian children’s rights activist, Kailash Satyarthi. Many were upset that she didn’t receive it last year, but perhaps the current world focus on ISIL has pulled issues like hers more into the limelight. Kailash Satyarthi has fought against child exploitation and trafficking. He may not be as well known as Malala, but I haven’t seen anyone complain about the shared glory. He deserves it.

One of these days the tyrants of the world will take notice. The information age has come full-circle, changing cultures everywhere. Our planet has begun to grow out of their way of thinking! The child rapists, slavers, exploiters, murderers will find a day when there is no where left to hide. They can’t suppress the voices of freedom being heard and spreading civilization across the globe…not anymore. They can only is sit in their bunkers and watch the world change around them…without them.
The free air is spreading.
Breath it in!

~ by Bill Housley on October 10, 2014.

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