It Takes a Thief–Part 2

A Bid For Love NEW 1000 ResThis woman goes through fake identities like I go through donuts.

I’m referring to Sam Taylor Mullins, the fake name of a plagiarist who stole the book A Bid for Love from a friend of mine, Rachel Anne Nunes, added erotica to it, and then attempted to publish it as her own. Then, when Rachel started looking into the matter, “Sam” started an aggressive mis-information campaign designed to duck responsibility for her actions. Her reviewers, online comments directed at Rachel through blog comments and emails attempting to shame Nunes and discredit her investigation, were all under fake names. She even used other fake names to outright cyberbully Nunes and try to destroy her career.

As it turns out, the true identity of this plagarist has been found. She is (was) an elementary school teacher and many of her fake names are the stolen identities of her 3rd grade students. She also, allegedly, commandeered the names of some of the students’ parents to complain to and threaten Nunes and another author, David Farland, who had screen shots of some of the fakery with the assumed names of the students in them posted on their websites.

Now that the faker’s real name, and (a partial?) list of fake names, has been found out, investigators continue to dredge up a host of additional issues. It seems she even advertises herself as a reviewer (under other fake names) to get authors to send her their stuff for her to review/steal…so authors beware!

If this situation bothers you enough to want to help Rachel Anne Nunes continue this fight, you can do any of the following…

  • Buy her book, A Bid for Love.
  • Download A Bid for Love for your Kindle or Kindle app. It was free last time I checked.
  • Donate to Rachel’s legal fund through GoFundMe.
  • Read and propagate links to this article or any others pertaining to this issue.


I wrote back in August that I wanted the true identity of this thief ferreted out. The actions of many of you helped make that possible. Thank you.


~ by Bill Housley on September 24, 2014.

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