That’s what some have called them.

“Too radical for Al’Quida” they’ve also been called…not a ringing endorsement for a world power wannabe to be sure.

And please don’t get on about religion. Religion gets blamed for a lot of things it didn’t do. ISIL’s philosophies look to be based on Wahhabism, and Wahhabism, while it is billed as a religious philosophy, made an early rep for itself using “jihad” as just another excuse to kill people, rape their women, and steal their stuff.

ISIL obviously understands how to form and maintain collisions with the tribes and warlords that make up the Middle East. They also know how to scare people into evacuating a city instead of standing and fighting them.

Now everyone is an individual, I get that, but each subculture of individuals trend at certain behaviors and reactions. Maybe ISIL understands their culture, and maybe some of the cultures in Europe, but do they understand the U.S.?

You know…a grizzly bear knows fear, but has a particularly dangerous technique for dealing with it. It knows when something that it fears can just be smashed into not being frightening anymore. It also doesn’t really follow the tit-for-tat rules of revenge either, preferring instead to give the frightening things that it can reach the same treatment that you or I might give an irksome insect with a painful sting.

Then there are the folks in the U.S. News Media. They (and the British) don’t quite behave the same way as their colleagues in other parts of the world. Of course all of the media in industrialized nations know the compassion of the people to whom they tell their stories, and that usually would serve as sort of a buffer between the irksome insects of the world and the grizzlies.

That’s why I think that beheading U.S. journalists, and promising to come over to the U.S. and “jihad” us up if we interfere with them, isn’t a very good plan. At least, it won’t have exactly the same reaction that it seems to have been styled to provoke. People in the U.S. were busy with other things during the founding and first violence of Wahhabism. They know nothing about it and have never quite been taught to handle fear nicely.

Now perhaps ISIL are really just signalling sleeper cells in our country to go to work, but if they think that we will shake in fear and hide under a rock then they obviously carry a lack an understanding of our culture that runs deeper than our ignorance of theirs.

English: President Barack Obama delivers a pol...

English: President Barack Obama delivers a policy address on events in the Middle East and North Africa at the State Department. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama has made campaign promises to get us out of war and keep us out. I think that he believes in that and is also the kind of man who prefers to keep his promises whenever he can, but he won’t be in charge for very much longer. Also, he seems to like to swing that banner of “Humanitarianism and Protecting American Citizens” of his in a very wide arc when it comes to ISIL…with an eye towards wonking a few heads with it. We’ve all started to notice a certain duality in his comments and policies, indicative of a leader torn in a conflict between promise and inclination. So yes, he appears to be a bit irked. That same duality is also starting to flavor the public discourse in the U.S., which could soon remove the source of Obama’s only remaining restraint to shifting from a policy of “containment support” to “direct eradication”.

ISIL has declared itself to be an independent country. That is a “long haul” sort of thing, so they probably shouldn’t adopt the metaphor of a hornet for their public face, irking the U.S. news media, and making the people of the U.S. afraid of them. This new Wahhabism seems to want to walk on the same road as the first one of old…and will likewise meet with the same sticky end.

Eventually, soon, someone will just decide to smash them until they aren’t frightening anymore.

~ by Bill Housley on August 30, 2014.

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