Who’s The Racist Here Really?


Ok.  I try not to talk politics much here in my blog, even when things annoy me.  I use my Facebook page for that.  But come on!  This has steam escaping my collar is puffs.


Black conservatives in the U.S. are villified and called “not really black” by the African American community and the Liberal Left, and for what, so that bigots like Melissa Harris-Perry, Pia Glenn, and Dean Obeidallah can make heartless cracks about Mitt Romney‘s adopted grandchild being the only black in an all white family, saying that the family looks like the Republican Party?

Excuse me?  So who does the child in this photo represent to these people?  Colin Powell?  Condolisa Rice?  Prior to Barack Obama, they were two of the highest ranking African Americans to hold an office in the Executive Branch, and were both appointed by Republican administrations.  To my knowledge (and please correct me if I’m wrong) Bill Clinton only hired blacks as speech writers when he was President.  I’ll admit that there are some in the Republican Party who still hold on to their age-old bigotry against African Americans, but the rest of us treat them as people…as equals, while the left treats them as a locked-in voter demographic, to be kept down in poverty and subsistence so that they can be controlled by Democrats.  The Republican party was founded on an anti-slavery platform while Democrats today still treat African Americans as slaves to keep themselves in power.  Equality for blacks is automatic in the eyes of most Republicans, while the Democrats seem to give them nothing but lip service.

Ben and Andelynne Romney did a good thing by adopting little Kieran.  These snide comments from the Liberal Media say more about them and the racist roots of the Democratic Party than they do about Mitt Romney, his family, or the Republican Party.

I’ll get off of my soap box now.


Update: Melissa Harris-Perry apologized, at least for attacking Mitt’s family on-air.  I’m good with it, but she didn’t admit to or apologize for her own racism.  There is the content of the attack that needs to be publicly…enlightened upon.  Liberals have isolated the African American demographic from Conservatism by belittling Black Conservatives and they have done it to maintain a cultural separation along racial lines and a reliable voting block for themselves.  The fact that these comments from within the media ever occurred at all still makes us all wonder who the racists in this discussion really are.  Melissa should have opened discussion on this by apologizing for her own racism.  Apparently, she and the left still aren’t yet ready to throw any light on that.  Frankly, I’m not surprised.


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~ by Bill Housley on December 31, 2013.

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