Christmas Music Playlists on YouTube

It’s that time of year again.

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve updated the YouTube Christmas Music playlists that I built in previous years, removing deletions and adding a few to replace them.  The Kathy Mattea video, “Mary Did You Know”, that kicked off this 2 year long habit of mine (and cover track for my Christmas Favorites playlist), was deleted this year.  So I went searching and found another copy of it to add back in and then moved it up to the start where it goes.  The slide show playlist from last year lost a few titles too, but it looks like folks are making and posting those a lot faster than they disappear.  I’ll just need to keep looking and adding.  I want to double its size so that listening to it repeatedly doesn’t sound to…you know…repetitious. 😉

This year, I’ve added two new lists.

Christmas Music Videos

During this past year or so I’ve become a big fan of YouTube music videos performed by The Piano Guys and Lindsey Sterling.  The advantage of these to a playlist is that these people are native YouTubers and the videos are posted by them, on purpose, instead of by fans posting without permission.  Therefore, these videos will endure and won’t drop off of the list.  I found both of those two artists when I was mesmerized by “O Come, Emanuel” by the Piano Guys last Christmas.  Earlier, I had seen a brief clip of Lindsey Sterling in an advertisement for something else and wanted to see more, but didn’t know who she was or where to find any more of her work.  Then while going through Piano Guys postings, I found her in one of their videos–the fun-filled Misson Impossible Theme Song that they made together.  Anyway, their videos do not have the home-movie flavor so common to YouTube.  They shoot multiple takes from different angles and often with different backdrops and wardrobe and then mix them together in a cool way while the music rolls right through.  It stands right up alongside material produced by pros with a lot more money to throw around.  This is why I decided to put together a playlist of Christmas videos by them and others.  It’s kicked off by two Piano Guys videos and two Lindsey Sterling videos, but I’ve fleshed it out with other professionally produced (or professional-looking) music videos by other artists of various arrangement styles.  Eventually I will refine it more, but I need to find enough of that type of material to fill it with before I get too picky.  The cover is not “O Come, Emanuel” however, but an innovative arrangement of “Angels We Have Heard on High” that they released last month.  In it, several guys stand around the piano and play it like a stringed instrument.  Way cool.


This is a bit of a toughy.  The entire purpose of these playlists was to be able to just set up a computer and walk away and have it fill the area with the Christmas Spirit while I go off and do something else.  Well, some folks have put together whole videos with a collection of tracks played against slides and/or video snippets of Christmassy scenes.  Some of these are as long as four hours and each plays a bit like my slide show playlist.  I’ve managed to collect about a dozen in then list so far, however cuts like these seem to have a short lifespan.  They are bound to contain copyrighted material somewhere which someone notices eventually.  When that happens, the powers that be don’t delete the video, they replace the entire four hours with dead air, played over a black background with text that explains the infringement.  I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll need your help keeping up with this list because it’s going to be higher maintenance than my other ones.  If you see a dead-air video on it, just let me know somehow and I’ll remove it.  The playlist won’t miss it, since I probably have about a full day’s of material in the list so far.  Also, some of these tracks are a little off-the-track, but I haven’t finished vetting all of the songs in some of these videos (for obvious reasons).  So have patience while I find time to play them all the way through for myself.

BTW, when I first started doing this, some mobile YouTube apps didn’t like playlists and I even had trouble posting a link to a playlist in WordPress so that it played the whole list and not just the cover video.  Now, both mobile apps and WordPress are playlist smart!  We are going to have lots of fun with these in the future.


For an easy list of all of my playlists, go to my YouTube page by clicking here or just search YouTube for whousley.

~ by Bill Housley on December 15, 2013.

3 Responses to “Christmas Music Playlists on YouTube”

  1. I haven’t listened to entire playlists yet, but those Piano Guys are pretty stinkin’ awesome 🙂 Looking forward to what else you have in your lists.

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