Modern #Slavery

Slavery Still Exists - SSE

Slavery Still Exists – SSE (Photo credit: Wolfram Burner)

Index on Modern Slavery

I wanted to do more than just Facebook meme this one.

It is ironic that the way of life that so many of the people in various parts of the world are fighting to preserve, and sometimes to extend, include the barbaric practice called slavery.  It pains me to think that there are still areas on our planet that are still so backward and uncivilized that this industry persists.

Here in the U.S., we have just finished (postponed?) two political fights over our national budget.  Somehow, seeing the release of this report on slavery puts our disagreements in a better perspective for me.

A pox on anyone in the modern world who participates in and/or profits from or otherwise supports this horrendous activity elsewhere.  For the rest of us, save this link… then whenever you feel an urge to get angry at the opposing political party (whoever that opposite is for you) go and read, and reread, this report as a remember that there are still many, many important things that all of us in the civilized parts of the world agree on, regardless of our various disagreements.



~ by Bill Housley on October 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Modern #Slavery”

  1. Have you ever been to ? According to it I have 18 slaves working for me. We like to say we don’t participate in these things… I buy my clothes from second hand stores for the precise reason of not being a direct consumer of forced labor. Yet my car and electronics have a huge impact. On my engagement ring are 7 blood diamonds, mined by forced labor in horrible conditions (we obviously were not aware of this at the time). If we really think that our hands are clean, we are lying to ourselves.

    • You’re right, Alicia.
      All the more reason to get the word out, which is why I blogged these links and comments . The distribution footprint for my blog is considerably larger and more searchable than my Facebook page alone.
      My ire was directed at traffickers, people who obviously know that they are involved. In the global economy, we can’t curl up in a ball and not buy stuff, in the hopes of not inadvertantly using a product that was made with forced labor. But we can use the powerful tools of the information age to let folks know about things that are happening out in the rest of the world and try and stoke the winds of change.

  2. […] to establish Shiria Law in the India’s Muslim-dominated North.  The country is also uncivilized in several other serious ways that I would like to see reformed.  Some look at India’s list of problems and say that they can’t afford a space […]

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