You Will Never Silence Her: #Malala vs the #Taliban

IAmMalalaCoverAn armed man with a gun, hiding behind cloth and camera, brags and vows to shoot an unarmed child and calls her a coward, not realizing that he paints a picture of a coward himself.  It does not look like they have learned their lesson, what they have done by shooting her.  It was stupid to shoot her before, it is more stupid to talk about doing it now and it would be the highest of stupidity to succeed in killing her later.  That shot heard around the world is now etched in the record of history and heaps shame upon the names of the Taliban and all of its members.

She lives on and she speaks on.  She spoke before the United Nations in July.  She published a book today.  She might receive the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.  There are few people in the world right now who are as big as Malala Yousafzai.  I wrote here last year that by shooting her the Taliban amplified her voice beyond their pathetic reach.  Killing her would only make her a martyr to her cause, and martyrs can only be killed once.

They say that she dishonor’s Pakistan.  Those in Pakistan who shoot children dishonor themselves; she is only a voice crying out of the darkness against them.  They point guns directly at innocent, weaponless, harmless people and then and call other people cowards.  They murder children in cold blood and then compare those deaths to those caused by misguided American bombs aimed at themselves.  They call Malala a puppet of the West, but they are puppets of false priests, corrupt and immoral tyrants, and even Jinn.  They claim they speak for God, but the tears of God fall upon the people who are abused by the Taliban and their ilk all over the Arab world.  They say that those who speak out against them speak out against God, Islam, and Pakistan, but I hear the voices of all of those and they condemn the extremes of the Taliban.

I read today that Malala’s book is for sale in Islamabad, proving that the Taliban are too small even in Pakistan to stop this girl, her book, or the symbol that she has become.  The atrocities that the Taliban have committed in darkness are now seen under the lights of millions of bookstores, librarys, coffee tables, and Kindles the world over and can never be recalled by any Islamic radical group or anyone else.  What will happen when thousands of little girls all over the Middle East see her example and figure out that violence can only blot out those names of the silent?  They’ll will go to Blogspot, or WordPress, or Facebook, or Twitter and begin telling us of their lives.  There aren’t enough bullets in the world to stop them all.

The world is growing smaller and the eyes of civilized people can now see much that was hidden from their view through the centuries.  The faces of nations have recoiled in horror over the acts of the Taliban and those like them.  But the sun has now begun to set on the ruthless reign of radical Islam and it is none too soon. 

Malala Yousafzai at the Global Education First...

Malala Yousafzai at the Global Education First Initiative anniversary event (Photo credit: United Nations Information Centres)


~ by Bill Housley on October 8, 2013.

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