Comic Con Day One

Booth setup issues. 
Trips to WALMART to resolve them.
My friend Michael Tanner calls Soft Open because it doesn’t start until around mid-afternoon
One thing that I liked was the The Hobbit display.



These were life-sized.  Azog really is rather large.
My daughter Alicia demonstrated her makeup skills, inflicting injuries on several passersby.  I told them they should go to the The Hobbit display and take some pictures that look like Azog the Defiler got them.  I just noticed that this photo is blurry though.  I’ll have to get one from new victim tomorrow.


I sold some books, as did Roger White who partnered with us on our booth, and Tom Carr sold a kickstarter donation for The Pinkertons. 


That was all with a light crowd…though one can’t really call a Comic Con crowd light, even on a Thursday.  I was told that 66,000 people purchased tickets for the event as of sometime Thursday morning.  Even any kind of weekday subset of that is still huge.
On the way to Alicia’s house to spend the night, my car died so I didn’t get to bed until around 1:30.
Tomorrow will be a longer day, with less asleep.  It’ll be fun!  That’s what conventions are all about right?


~ by Bill Housley on September 6, 2013.

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