The Pinkertons at Comicon


See that fellow in the tall hat?  Look familiar?
My media industry friend, Tom Carr (the fellow in the bowler hat), with his interest in U.S. History, decided to produce a series of historical fiction short films about the Pinkerton Detective Agency.  When he asked around for someone to play President Abraham Lincoln, one of my favorite people in history, I jumped at the chance. 
I have a little acting experience, and Lincoln is an example of leadership that I have always tried to follow with interest.
Allen Pinkerton served as Lincoln’s body guard through the troubled and dangerous times of the U.S. Civil War and his agency became the mold from which the Secret Service was formed.
Excited?  Interested?
We are filming the first episode, A Secret Mission, this summer, entirely funded by Tom.  He has chosen several talented actors to partner with in this effort.  My highly skilled daughter, Alicia, does my makeup.
Would you like to be a part of it too?  Well, we have put together a way for you to do that through a type on kickstarter system.  You can help us put together episodes 1 and 2 and get some cool stuff back for your help.
I will be attending Comicon, at booth number 101, and ready to tell about it.  I might even have Alicia transform me into Lincoln.  If you don’t yet have a copy of Into the Dark I’ll have those there too.
If you don’t show up to see me, then show up to see Richard Hatch, dirk Benedict, William Shatner or one of the other attending stars that’ll be signing stuff.
Gazillions of people will be there!  It’ll be a zoo! 
I’ll look for you there.

~ by Bill Housley on September 4, 2013.

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