Author Incognito


Yes…I’ve been hiding.  When strugglings writers stop self promotion, they effectively fade into the background noise like an alligator sinking into the swamp.
I even went to Worldcon without telling anyone.  I didn’t talk about it here, or on Facebook or Twitter.  I didn’t participate on any panels either.     I arrived two days late, conducted a little business, sat on the Enterprise bridge, attended the Hugo’s, and went home.
Well, I have a project that I’m working on that in combination with my other personal challenges on my time has kept all of my free time booked up.  Some of you already know a little about this project.  I wrote a little for it, but mostly it develops a different talent that I struggle with.
I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, and where/when you can see some of it.
If you already know, don’t spoil it.  If you don’t already know then trust me, you’ll never guess.

~ by Bill Housley on September 3, 2013.

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