Hurricane Bill Housley


Sign me up!  Please!


Global Warming activists want to name hurricanes after global warming deniers.

I herby throw my name (and this blog address with it) into the hat for consideration to name a hurricane.

As part of my submission, I provide this link to my blog article poking fun at both extreme ends of the global warming issue as evidence of my rebellion.

Now granted, the issue has evolved somewhat since my whining three years ago, and many of the more closed-minded proponents and detractors seem to have found more common ground and left the lunatic fringe.

However, I’m hope that there are still enough kooks out there that I can annoy enough to get a majority vote for a storm name.  My name starts with a “B” so I’d even get an early season storm!  I even already have a Twitter feed @bhousley that I’ll use for talking like a storm.

@bhousley: I don’t know why you folks down there are complaining, the #weather up here is beautiful!

@bhousley: I’m gonna getcha!  I’m gonna getcha!

@bhousley: AGGGHHH!!!!  There’s a #hurricane hunter aircraft in my eye!

No I’m not making light of the damage done by these terrible and dangerous storms.  I dislike hurricanes, as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows.  I am making fun of closed-minded people, of which I also can sometimes be.  So I’m ridiculing myself as much as anyone…

…and looking for some free publicity.  😉


~ by Bill Housley on August 28, 2013.

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