Revamped American Flag Shows Up in D.C.

I wrote about this flag modification back in 2009, and spoke strong words against it at the time.  I doubted that this could really happen though.  I also implied that it was so ridiculous that it could just as easily be some sarcastic Conservative making fun of the President or trying to frighten folks.

I was mistaken.  This flag is real.  Folks sell copies of it and other folks who are enthusiastic about President Obama are flying and waving it.  I consider doing so to be tanamount to treason.

Now it would be a huge mistake to assign blame to Democrats or Liberals in general, or to President Obama, for this desicration.  I do not beleive that any person, the President included, who understands what this country stands for would condone the placement of any individual’s image on the flag in this way.

We should all support the President, whether we criticize his policies or not.  We are one nation under God and should act that way.  I don’t think that this flag supports the President…I think it denigrades him and the office of the Presidency.  He is not a dictator, but this flag makes him look like one and sends the wrong message to the world.  Flying this flag does President Obama no favors and does nothing to support his policies.  It gives up important political high-ground to his critics which makes it harder for him to do his job.  Like him or not, a dishonored President does harm to our country and this flag dishonors him.  Displaying this flag uses the President’s face in an illegal, unpatriotic and very scary way that groups him with murderers and tyrants like Fidel Castro and Mao Zedong which I (one of his critics) think is disgusting.

All responsible citizens of the U.S., regardless of their political alignment, should deplore this misuse of the flag and the Presidential office in the strongest terms.

I call on people all over the U.S. to rise up and condemn this.  I call on the President to publicly repudiate it.

~ by Bill Housley on August 27, 2013.

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