Introducing My New YouTube Christmas Music Playlist


christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)


Those of you who know me well know that I like Christmas…a lot.


So when I discovered YouTube playlists last year, I started work on one for my Christmas Favorites.


Well today that list hit Fifty videos.  That’s right, Fifty vids of Christmas songs playing straight through.  Some of the video mixes are professionally mixed music videos, some are simple slide shows made by folks like you and me (with the proverbial mold marks still intact).  I love them all.



Also, this year I started a more selective subset playlist of only Christmas tunes that use a picturesque slide show of some kind as a back drop.  The purpose in mind was to run it on a computer or computer attached TV as a screensaver during parties, tree decorating, family meals or on Christmas morning.  Some of them have box ads but I leave out shows that have a preceding ad video so that the run from song to song will be unbroken and so that we can trust the content.  At this writing there are seventeen videos on this list, but it is growing fast.  If you hit the random button it might run for hours before the repetition gets boring.  I’ll keep growing it too.



I sometimes forget when I’ve already included a song and add it again (and and again and again) so there might be duplicates in these lists, I’ll remove them as I discover them.  Now, understand that I am the religious type, so a large proportion of these songs are religiously themed.  Also, I like Country and Western music and you’ll see that in a lot of the artists on the list.  If any of that is a problem for you, or if there are some songs on here that you get tired of, just use it as a template and start building your own lists.


BTW, the YouTube app for the Droid plays playlists, but might skip some of the videos because they are not licensed for mobile use.  Beware of data-use overage charges though.  Use WiFi if you can.


Join me in enjoying these tunes and eat up that bandwidth!  If all of us run these playlists together, our Internet providers will have to invest in more back-end infrastructure to handle the load and make the rest of the year’s Internet speeds phenomenal!  It’ll be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving!  😉





~ by Bill Housley on December 1, 2012.

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