Chicon Days 3 and 4

Yes, I combined them. I didn’t think much would happen to me on Sunday.

Saturday’s Christian Fandom Meeting went well, they are a very nice group of folk. We discussed diversity, and the silliness of the science vs religion debate (two of my favorite topics), among other things.

I stumbled upon a Luke Ski filk concert and had a good laugh. Filk is speculative fiction fandom folk music. The name came from a miss spelling that stuck. I signed a copy of Into the Dark: Escape of the Nomad for a nice lady who likes to steal authors at The Book Scouts. I signed another for a boy who sat with me at breakfast. I signed another for the well-traveled scientist Jonathon Vos Post.

At the late-night parties on Saturday I made a few new freinds and found a friend from Conduit who heard my reading of Where’s the Cat at LTUE and wants to publish it in an anthology of Christian SciFi that he’s putting together.

On Sunday I went to church and then packed to leave.

Sunday was also the Hugo awards ceremony and I streamed it from my hotel room. Technical note: When using your cell phone’s 4G to stream over WiFi to your laptop, start with the cell phone fully charged and plug it into the wall, not the computer. Also, anytime your Droid 4 or Razor battery dies a deep discharge death so that the phone just sits there with a solid blue LED lit instead of charging, hold down the power and the down volume buttons for 20 seconds (to hard reset the phone) and then plug it into the wall..not the computer…to recharge it.

A funny thing happened at the Hugo awards that will feed the history books of fandom for decades, and the folks attending the Hugos maybe didn’t even notice it unless they had their Tweeters on. When announcing the nominees for Best Dramatic Presentation it is standard practice to play clipped excerpts from the videos in question. Well, several new Dr. Who episodes were nominated and they played short clips of them last night before announcing the winner. Now, before I go on, Hugo nominees release copies of any work that is up for an award as part of the voting process.

Anyway, something went wrong with that whole “play the approved clip…it’s ok” process because UStream banned the Hugo Awards Ceremony for Copyright infringement and cut-off the feed shortly after the Dr. Who clips were played. Any folks (like me) who were watching from afar had to use their Tweeters to follow the rest of the awards.

Today at 10:30 am is my book signing, so I’ll be at the signing tables until noon and then I’ll be out the door and off to the post office to mail home any unsold books and then off to the airport. If you want an autographed copy of the book that I’ve been waving in front of everybody’s faces all weekend, then buy one in the Dealer’s Room at Book Universe, Larry Smith’s, or the The Book Scouts and then bring it to the signing table. I’d love to meet you.

The first person who shows me their smartphone at the signing table and calls it a “Tweeter” will get a signed copy of Escape of the Nomad for free.

Unless some new adventure happens today, this will be my final post on my Chicon 7 trip. All in all my second Worldcon has gone well. I will definitely plan early for Lonestarcon in San Antonio next year and get into the con hotel. Using a less costly and more distant hotel turned out to be not that much less expensive because of the rental car and parking fees and was a huge hassle to boot. It was that way in Reno last year too, but not so bad that I learned my lesson. Now it is firmly etched in my brain so that I shall part the funding waves in January and get’er done without fail next time.

~ by Bill Housley on September 3, 2012.

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