Chicon Day 2

70th World Science Fiction Convention

70th World Science Fiction Convention (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Surviving Chicon panel was fun, but I had to leave it early to meet with a publisher.  Most of what they covered were things that I already knew about except for the the charity auctions.  There are also fund raisers to send representatives of fandom from one country to another.

They did mention another little item that I have heard of before and wrote about last year.  Upon strolling through Con Suite…during one of its more crowded moments…I smelt a need to reiterate this item here again.  It is called the 6-2-1 rule of minimum personal maintenance in day to day Worldcon attendence.

Sleep 6 hours.
Eat twice.
Shower once.

If you are here with us, PLEASE shower once…at least…per day.
Please please please please please please!

I also participated in a great one and a half hour panel yesterday of New Writers.  Those in the audience were also writers.  One of our Hugo nominees chaired the discussion where we discussed our work, career paths, successes and failures.  Once again I had an opportunity to talk to some folks about my book and about theirs.

Today I have the Christian Fandom meeting.  If I have time, I might read my short story “Where’s the Cat?” (Click here to read it yourself free online), but I probably won’t since there are literally tons of very important other things to cover.  Either way, if you ask me a question about “Where’s the Cat?” in the meeting I’ll give you a signed copy of Into the Dark: Escape of the Nomad.

See you at the Con!

~ by Bill Housley on September 1, 2012.

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