In Flight to #Chicon7: Then What?

70th World Science Fiction Convention

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Aside from circumstances which caused an hour of delays (planned into my schedule of course), the process of getting on the plane went smoothly.  I did forget to bring my box of reader’s guides for Into the Dark:Escape of the Nomad, but the guide can be found here on this blog and I’ll arrange to have some printed locally for the signing on Monday.
From the looks of the hurricane track out just this morning, Issac might make Chicago a bit wet and perhaps even delay my return flight, but my Droid here tells me that the forecast calls for mild weather.  We’ll see how this notoriously unpredictable storm plays out over the coming days.  I wouldn’t mind hanging out in Chicago a little longer to spend some alone time working on my next book, Into the Dark:Pirate’s Blood.
Pirate’s Blood continues the fight for Earth while following our heros through new adventures in a newly interstellar travel aware system which has evolved a serious, system wide piracy problem.  The Crenum and the Zom are also there in the mix, along with a compellingly attractive new hero. 😉

(Hint: For those who attend the reading, the first person who asks me a question that tells me that they read the above revelations from Pirate’s Blood, will receive a free autographed copy of Escape of the Nomad)

In Escape of the Nomad, another storm, hurricane Vince, swings north up the Atlantic and provides cover for U.S. war planes to escape from Zom fighters.  I don’t think I’ll be reading that part at my reading at 5:00 in the DuSable room however.  Instead, I’ll read a somewhat humorous piece about the Zom agent, Clell, that also provides a nice summary on earlier events in the book.  I’ll follow that up with a military engagement between our heros and a Zom transport, fighter pod, and shuttle full of Zom Marines that try to interdict and board them as they leave Saturn.  If there is time, I’ll read about the U.S. military’s first engagement with the Zom invasion fleet.
Of course, if you’re one of my regular readers on this blog, then you probably already know how all of that turns out.  Even so, I invite you to stop by anyway and let me meet you in person.  For those who haven’t read it yet, it will be available from Book Universe and several other booths in the Dealer Room throughout the con.

Later at 6 pm I’ll be on a panel with several other authors in the Columbus CD for “To Indie or not to Indie” a discussion of the pros and cons of self publishing.  The moderator of this discussion will be none other than Mike Shepard Moscoe, author of the Kris Longknife series.  The other panelist are:

Hugh Howey
J. Kathleen Cheney
Michael Coorlim

(Hint: I’ll give an autographed copy of Escape of the Nomad to the first person attending this panel who says to me, “I’m a Telesian”.  Common, be brave, being a Telesian is a good thing…trust me.  🙂  Or if you don’t trust me, you could first click the cover art in the sidebar of this blog to read Chapter 1 and learn what a Telesian is.)

Wow! Long flights breed long blog entries.  I’ll upload it when the plane lands for my connection in Minneapolis.  If this post looks weird, it’s because I wrote it using the WordPress app for Android and I won’t know what it really looks like on the page until I get a chance to view it in a browser later.  That might not happen until I get to the Adler Planetarium.  I’ll add more links to it then as well.

See you at Chicon!


~ by Bill Housley on August 30, 2012.

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