Chicon Day 1

Two words…Chicago Traffic.

In spite of much research ahead of time I grossly underestimated the time necessary to get from the plane to the con. First, the airport lost my luggage and I spent about an hour in baggage claim. Then the time it takes to get to the rental car company and get a car delayed me some more. Then the freeway was a parking lot.

Summary, no reading.

Kudos go to the organization of the con staff and the great layout of the Hyatt Regency though. I was able to go straight to where I needed to be for the Indie panel. We had an engaging discussion, everyone learned something, and I met some great folk on both sides of the table.

The Adler Planetarium was interesting. I have been to several and this one compares well with the others.


The planetarium has an arrangement with Chicon.  It started with the event “First night at the Adler Plantarium” and ran buses back and firth for the first night. Chicon attendees will have free access to the planetarium for the rest of the conference.

“The Searcher” was the movie that they played at one of the domed theaters. The last time I sat in such a venue I fell asleep, but this time things moved along and stayed interesting enough to compete with the sandman, the darkness of the room and the comfort of the chairs. I got in at the last showing and then finally got back to the car and then the hotel after midnight.

What’s going on Friday? I don’t have a panel until this afternoon, but I really need to attend the “Surviving Chicon” panel before then. Yesterday I spent too much money for parking. I’ll pass along some of what I learn there in tomorrow’s piece.

Now what we need is a panel on how to save money at the con next year in Texas.

Update: I almost forgot! If you’re at the con, be sure and come see me and authors Nancy Fulda, M Todd Gallowglas, Sarah Hans, and Jason Heller for the New Writer’s Session #2 at 4:30 in the Aadams room, Silver Level.

(Hint: The first person in the room that says, “I’m a Telesian” will receive a free autographed copy of Into the Dark:Escape of the Nomad so they can read it and learn what a Telesian is.)

Today the less expensive parking (West Tower) closes at 8 so I think I’ll find somewhere away from here to eat dinner and turn in at a reasonable hour.

On a separate note, the new OS for my Droid 4, Icecream Sandwich, can edit photos, allowing me to crop this amazing photo I took of the Chicago shore from the Planetarium bridge way.


~ by Bill Housley on August 30, 2012.

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