Up the Road to Chicon

70th World Science Fiction Convention

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Over the Labor Day weekend I am honored to be serving on a couple of panels at the World Science Fiction Convention 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.  It’ll be my first time back to the windy city in almost twenty years and my second trip to WorldCon, so I’m pretty happy.  Life being the way it is, I wasn’t sure even a week ago if I’d be able to attend WorldCon this year.  I’m glad that things came together in my life and career to make it possible.

Here is my unconfirmed schedule…

Thursday, Aug. 23rd, 5:00-5:00 pm—Reading—Into the Dark: Escape of the Nomad (and maybe a short story or new book preview…or two).

Thursday, Aug.23th—6:00-7:30 pm—To Indie or Not to Indie—Mike Shepherd Moscoe (I have one of his books) will moderate a discussion with myself, Hugh Howey, J. Kathleen Cheney, and Michael Coorlim on the pros and cons of self publishing.

Thursday, Aug.23th—7:30-10:30 pm—Hanging out at the Adler Planetarium Event.

Friday, Aug. 24th—4:30-6:00 pm—New Writers Session 2—I’ll join fellow new writers Jason Heller, M. Todd Gallowglas, Nancy Fulda, and Sarah Hans to discuss our work and careers.

Saturday, Aug. 25th—All day—Catch me if you can!  I’ll be attending panels and events at the con, meeting with folks, and making a general nuisance of myself.

Update: Saturday, Aug. 25th—Noon—Christian Fandom Meeting.

Monday, Sept. 3rd—10:30 am-12:00 pm—Autograph Session 17—Signing with me will be: Alan Smale, K.A. Bedford, Kameron Hurley, Mary Frances Zambreno, Michael R. Underwood, Robert G Pielke, and Warren Hammond.

To the best of my recollection, I’ve never met any of these fine artists and I look forward to shaking their hands and sitting at the table with them.  A complete and detailed program does not seem to be available yet at the time I write this, but here is a link to the general schedule.  Change is inevitable, so it is with early con programs…they’ll need to make a few adjustments here and there and some of those adjustments might touch me.  Room assignments seem to change more than other things so I haven’t included them here.

If you belong to any of the names in the above “Name-drop List of Unusual Size”, then please click the link and make sure that you are what the page behind the link says you are.  With our society being what it is with its oft-used names, even really unique ones like Housley show up in Google searches with links to more than one actual person.  Comment below if I got it wrong and I’ll fix it.

If anyone reading this has plans to attend Chicon I’d love to meet you.  You can pin a message on the board for me or just chase me down at one of the panels.  You can also click on my picture on the sidebar of this blog to send me a message that will go to my Droid 4 phone.

If you’re reading this blog then you are a science fiction (or science) fan and if you live in the Chicago area there stands before you a rare opportunity.  If you didn’t plan to attend at least some part of Chicon, then I energetically recommend that you reconsider.  They’ve planned lots of informative panels and fun activities…plus you get to see, hear, and rub elbows with people much more famous than me.  This is the leading Science Fiction gathering place in the world, organized and ran by YOU the fans of the art.  We’ll all miss you if you aren’t there.  😉  Ordinary folks from all over the country spend their tax returns and accumulated time off from work every year to travel to wherever WorldCon is being held, don their Spock ears or Wookie costumes, and celebrate Science Fiction…the entertainment genre that made a sub-culture…as well as speculative fiction in general (note the grumpy author in the pic below).

Much more comfortable if you’re wearing armor!
Renovation 2011.

I’ll post updates here every morning of the con, just like I did last year at Renovation in Reno.  I might even play with my YouTube and UStream accounts from time to time.  Won’t that be fun!

~ by Bill Housley on August 4, 2012.

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