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The following email was forwarded to me a couple of days ago.  I’ll post it here and then comment below.

Help set the record straight before the anti-gun media destroys our Second Amendment freedoms.

Dear Xxxxxxxx,

Right now, Congress is being bombarded with phony media polls that say Americans like you want MORE gun control laws.

CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN all claim that you WANT more restrictions on gun ownership, WANT bans on handguns, and WANT mandatory gun registration.

In fact, a recent poll conducted by Time magazine claims 62% of Americans want to BAN all semi-automatic firearms, including all commonly owned hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols.

An NBC News poll claims that a MAJORITY of Americans think gun control laws should be “made more strict.”

How could these polls be so wrong? Because they didn’t ask YOU where you stand on your Second Amendment rights.

That’s why I need you to complete the NRA Emergency Gun Rights Survey that I’ve prepared for you today. Your completed survey is the best weapon NRA has in our battle to protect your Second Amendment rights on Capitol Hill.

The fact is, when I go to Capitol Hill to meet with your elected officials, this is the one survey about gun rights that matters to them most.

But I can’t let your Congressman and Senators know the truth about where you stand on the Second Amendment unless you fill out your survey today.

The talking heads on the nightly news don’t own guns. The editorial board at The New York Times doesn’t go hunting. They don’t shoot.

And they certainly don’t think YOU should ever be trusted — under ANY circumstances — to own a gun for ANY reason.

So please, go here right now to answer 10 important questions concerning your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I need you to take just a few minutes of your time to help send a powerful message to Congress and the media.

If you don’t speak for yourself, the media will speak for you.

And these media elites know that if they tell their anti-gun lies often enough — it won’t be long before they create an environment where your rights are ripe for the picking…

An environment where gun-ban politicians feel safe when they vote for more restrictions on your Second Amendment freedoms.

Thank you for your help, and I look forward to receiving your completed survey as soon as possible.


Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President National Rifle Association

P.S. Please direct your friends to NRA needs as many survey responses as possible so we can fight back against the anti-gun media’s lies.


What has happened recently that would cause the liberal media to think that the public mind has changed concerning gun control laws?

Is it the ever-growing trend of crime migrating out of conceal-carry states and into non-conceal-carry states?

Is it that this trend has caused an even further loosening of gun ownership and carry laws all around the country?

Is it because war and turmoil overseas and financial insecurity here at home has caused us all to feel less secure about the future?

Is it the ever-rising price of gold which, again, points to societal unrest?

Or maybe it is because the naive anti-gun folks think that with Americans distracted by all of these things they can maybe sneak something past us.

Won’t happen.

I saw a YouTube video last month where they buried a Glock and then dug it up 2 years later.  After washing it off under the garden faucet they shot five hundred rounds through it.  Humans committed violence against each other long before they invented guns.  Now guns are in the world to stay, and while modern technology can improve them, they require only iron-age technology to build.  Tighter laws will never get rid of them…so forget it.  If you try to remove guns from this country, all you will end up doing is disarming the wrong people.  In the face of gun laws, dangerous people will always keep their guns and use them to exploit the peaceful.  It is the armed and peaceful in the world who keep the armed and dangerous from taking over.  The only thing that will remove guns from society is for the concepts of peace, honesty, integrity and respect to sink into the hearts of every human in the world and for plunder, hate and tyranny of every kind to cease.

Please join me in teaching the values of civilization to the world, so that someday I or my descendants can bury my guns forever.

“Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering…”  ~~ Yoda

“The good Lord made all men; Sam Colt made ‘em equal…more or less.” ~~Mathew Quigly in “Qigley Down Under”

Words to think on.

~ by Bill Housley on March 31, 2012.

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