The Year of the Dragon

SpaceX Dragon Approaches ISS

SpaceX Dragon Approaches ISS (Photo credit: FlyingSinger)


Very soon…


A real-life Dragon will fly.

That’s right, and the fate of Presidency might fly with it, along with the hopes of a nation.  I think that the revolutionary flight of the Falcon and the Dragon this spring could well determine the funding levels of CCDev next year.  Obama and NASA took a chance in emphasizing COTS and CCDev over Constellation, the Mars and Moon timetable, and to a certain extent even maybe SLS.  Members of Congress who are accustomed to the money that flows into their respective states through traditional contracting are hopping mad at the more open, less Congressionally controlled, Space Act Agreements that fund the privately owned “New Space” spacecraft designs.

I find it a little bit shocking that it took a Liberal to take so much risk to privatize an industry where government traditionally holds a monopoly.  I find it equally shocking (and disappointing) that so many of my fellow Conservatives prefer to back the bloated, pork stuffed, Government-owned side of the spaceflight industry…creating a divisive issue where no issue should exist at all.  Reducing government influence is never easy, because governments cling to power with an undying grip, but the technology has now come of age and the time for governments the world over to get out of the “Earth to Orbit” business is upon us.  No government on Earth, not even China, can compete with private industry once it gets rolling.

The SpaceX launch just may be the most politically powerful space event in history.  If Falcon and Dragon go up perfectly this year (and they have plans to launch more than just one once) they vindicate the entire program and might even save Obama’s Presidency.  If anything goes wrong with these launches, anything at all, that COTS and CCDev opponents can latch onto and make political hay out of, Obama and New Space may well be doomed.

So, four historic firsts…

The launch of the first private spacecraft to service a Government spacecraft.

The birth of an industry.

The rebirth of a country.

The loss of Government power, by someone, over the issue of space flight.

Space…the final frontier…

Kick the tires and light the fires…the ride is about to begin.

~ by Bill Housley on March 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Year of the Dragon”

  1. Bill, why does it surprise you that a liberal would promote this? By the very definitions of the words liberal and conservative it is liberals who are open minded enough to consider new ideas and different points of view. While conservatives are closed minded and refuse to listen to any point of view that isn’t theirs.
    It is too bad that 98% of all politicians in this country are conservative, they refuse to listen to any opinion that conflicts with their own. Fiscally however most of them are very liberal when it comes to spending tax monies

    • Applying “open mindedness” and “closed mindedness” to any particular political group is “closed minded” because it reflects a lack of understanding of why they think the way they think and why they are ademate about what they beleive. Many Liberal philosophies look very closed minded to Conservatives.

      The point that I was making is that, traditionally, Liberals seem to like growing government to solve problems and Conservatives seem to like shrinking government and “privatizing” stuff to solve problems.

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