You Stream, I Stream, We All Stream on UStream

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Part of this blog is to chronical the evolution of technology as it unfolds.  Well back in July, I discovered UStream.  It is much like YouTube only that it allows you to post to a live feed before recording it for posterity.  The problem is that I set up an account and then completely forgot about it until last night when I shouldn’t have even been awake, let alone making a video of myself doing nothing and looking awful doing it.

If you go back…no I mean all the way back…to the humble beginnings of this blog, and read forward, you will witness me learning how to blog.  You would cheer for me as I figure out this feature and that, figure out what folks like to see, and craftfully interlace the themes of my stories into it all in an entertaining way.  Hopefully, my skills have reached the point where you read a blog entry and want to come back…maybe even buy a book.

Very recently, on a sleepless night, I tried out UStream.  You get to suffer through the result…if you dare.  Now understand that when I recorded this I was not feeling well, fresh out of bed, severely overdue for a haircut, and half asleep.  Just understand that I was not attempting in any way to build anything that anyone, least of all me, would enjoy watching.  It is just 7 minutes of a very ugly me navigating the site while recording.

If you have ever wondered what my wife sees when she wakes up in the morning, or thought to picture what I look like most of the time when I write my stories, check out this video of me at my worse.  If howerver you are frightened or otherwise disturbed at the sight of late-night zombie monsters using computers, then you’d best skip my first UStream entry and wait for the next one.  I promise to open my eyes, comb my hair, actually say something next time.

Here it is.  My first Ustream video, entitled—Just a test this time.


~ by Bill Housley on March 3, 2012.

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