2012: Where Will it Go?

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In space, as in the future, destinations are objects in motion.  I thought of that today as I pondered my last blog entry for the year.  So many exciting things are in motion right now, ever-moving ever-changing.

Into the Dark went into its second year in September, a little after its “new book momentum” quieted down.  However, on the 17th of December it embarked on the first step of a new journey with a new distributer and an exciting new marketing paradigm and new array of book stores.  Anyone who follows the publishing industry knows that the current easy path to publishing has led to a frightening and exciting time as all players, both old and new, who scramble to keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the game.  New ideas and old are combined in strange ways as authors, publishers and booksellers try to piece together their plans for the future.  My new effort began with a group signing at Eborne Booksellers in the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City, Utah.  Starting in March, I’ll kick-off a spring book signing tour designed to further enlarge the book’s reader base and set the stage for the sequel that I’ll finish drafting sometime in 2012.

Space exploration is also changing with an ever-increased vision focused on private companies with a new approach to funding and a whole new industry sprouting.   Many have heralded these developments as the first colors of a space race that will revolutionize space flight and steal Earth-to-orbit launches away from government sponsored space programs the world over. 

All the while, NASA didn’t sit still in 2011 either, sending up several aggressively innovative technologies to keep up the pace of discovery and maintain its niche, even during its current lull in manned-launch ability.  The plans underway for future missions are equally forward-thinking, extending our exploratory grasp ever outward into our solar system and into the cosmos. 

Did I hear someone shout something about Google’s Lunar X Prize?  Suborbital tourism?  China?  The awakening Middle East?

Not to mention a presidential election in the United States in which space is positioned to have a historic influence.  I smell a lot of change coming there.  I usually don’t try to call elections because too often they ride on far too many late season variables.  However this year I predict that Obama will lose Florida, and with it the election.  I feel comfortable going on record with this, even before the Republican nomination process is fully developed, because I think it will be Obama’s record that will sink his chances in Florida.

Yessiree, there will be lots for me to write about here in this space in 2012, so stay tuned.

~ by Bill Housley on December 26, 2011.

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