Made in Chinamoon?

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I like the Chinese people.  I have chinese friends and even one distant relative.  The people of China possesses a rich and enlightened history, and a deep and wise culture today.

But let’s not talk about the Chinese people for now, let’s talk about the Chinese government.  I can’t help but wonder about something.  Consider if you will current trends in the behavior of the Chinese government in issues of human rights, commerce, and military priorities, both good and bad, like them or hate them, and then ask yourself the following question…

What if China owned the moon?

No really.  Now I know there are those in the world who would be frightened at the prospect of the United States of America owning the moon, and a small number of those folks, truthfully, should be afraid of that.  Also, there are some other governments (that are not China or the U.S.) who are very irresponsible, in whom the prospect of their ownership of the moon would frighten me very deeply…no brainer those.

But ponder…if you will for a moment…whatever commercial, security, human interaction, environmental or trust issues you might harbor regarding China, and apply them to a hypothetical world in which China possesses the ultimate high ground…the moon.  Assume that humankind finds something worth buying that is produced efficiently on the moon, and that access to space became cheap enough to make that something profitable and worthwhile.

What would it be like if China owned it all?

Now consider current U.S. government policy regarding the manned exploration of the moon.  Namely, “Skip it.  Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.”

Maybe we in the U.S. need to review that particular policy priority and discuss it some more…say, in the public forum of the upcoming Presidential election.

I’m just sayin’.

~ by Bill Housley on October 25, 2011.

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