Check Out the Moon Tonight

moon night

Last year, on Sept. 18th, I wrote here about International Observe the Moon Night.  This year the event occurs tonight (Oct. 8th).  People all over the world will point telescopes, point binoculars, point cameras…or just point…at the moon.  I mean face it (pun intended) the moon can interest folks of almost any level of astronomical interest, and shines bright enough to be visible to anyone with a moderately clear sky to gaze through.  It makes a great target for a global focal point.

Share it with a close friend…and make a memory. 

Share it with a child…for a teaching opportunity.

Share it with that neighbor whom you can’t seem to learn to get along with…and find something in common.

I called my mom and told her about it.  She has shown interest in a local public observatory and asked me about events there.

I called a guy I work with who shares my star gazing interests (and has a much better telescope than mine) and made sure that he knows about InOMN.

Here where I live we’ve enjoyed some rain and snow for the past couple of days.  Hopefully mother nature will give us a break tonight so that I can observe with the rest of you instead of having to look through somebody’s webcam and Google Earth and Sky like last year.

This year produced a renewed interest in lunar science with several discoveries coming to light.  Next year, there may be new privately built and launched rovers and orbiters flying to the moon.  The United States will have a Presidential election year which may change the direction of NASA’s manned exploration agenda to include the moon again.

Looking forward to another year of lunar discovery.

Clear skys.

~ by Bill Housley on October 8, 2011.

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