Hurricane Irene Predicted Path

Hurricane Irene (NASA, International Space Sta...

Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr

Below is a link to the predicted path of Irene.  There are links to other Irene related weather products on the page as well.  Please take all necessary precautions to keep yourself safe from this storm if you may fall within its path, the map has ever-widening concentric circles to show the possible path.  I think it will update itself as the storm moves.

Update: The New York City Mayor‘s Office runs a Twitter feed through which they are sending out important announcements regarding the storm.  Here is the link…

Update 8/30/11: The link above is no longer updating.  Irene is now a tropical storm which will provide precipitation to areas in the North Atlantic.  I am going to update the “Related articles” links below one last time, as some clean-up efforts continue along the East Coast.  I will also leave this post up since I think that some issues regarding this storm will have historical significance.!/NYCMayorsOffice

~ by Bill Housley on August 24, 2011.

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  1. Thank you for the link!

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