WorldCON Day 2

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Day two of Renovation in Reno was a little busier for me, not much time for panels.  Day three will be worse.

I attended a panel on “Where Faith and Science Meet”, where the panel (Norman Cates, Moshe Feder, Laurel Anne Hill, Susan Palwick, and Eric James Stone) was filled mostly with folks who are into both science and belief and offered some very heart-felt opinions on how they reconcile the two in their viewpoints.  TOR Editor Moshe Feder, who described himself as agnostic, said that Science Fiction has taught him that “anything is possible”, including the existence of God.  He said that he would be very interested in reading a story submitted to him about what would happen if ancient religious text were found containing references to correct science, or God/alien stories.  They also provided a wealth of examples of great religious Scifi–among them some of the works of Arthur C. Clark, Peter F. Hamilton,  James Morrow, Guy Consolmagno, C.S. Lewis, and even Carl Sagan.

Later, I attended an interesting discussion about “People for the Ethical Treatment of Mars”, paneled by several active scientists.  Some voiced a concern that answering the question of life on Mars is too important to risk accidentally contaminating the planet with Earth-based microorganisms before that question could be thoroughly answered.  Then, if there is life on Mars, we have to understand that the introduction of humans there would almost certainly wipe it out.  All were proponents of space exploration.  One stated rather flatly that his contact with people and government officials shows that Mars exploration is the only thing that most are really interested in.  He said, “We’re gonna go to Mars because we wanna go to Mars.”

Lastly, I attended the highly acclaimed and very informative slide show presentation “My Trip to Mars” by David D. Levine who participated in a simulated Mars habitation study at the Mars Desert Research Station in Central Utah.

I heard about an eBook panel where an attendee was publicly rude to a panelist when he or she indicated that their eBook was nearly the same price as the printed copy.  I wasn’t there, but readers need to understand that publishing is a business and that the only incentive that anyone ever has to lower the price of their product (and thus make less or no money) is to attract buyers.  They have a host of reasons to increase the price.

I wrote down the wrong day for the morning Christian Fandom party.  More on that later.

The crowds are growing here at WorldCON Reno as more folks arrive.  Costumed fans are also becoming more frequent and the party’s are growing louder and more crowded.  It’s a little bit like a story, building in suspense.

My book, Into the Dark: Escape of the Nomad is available in the dealer room at the Con at Larry Smith Booksellers on Island B and at Adventures in Crime and Space in Island G.  If you’re here at WorldCON and buy a book, get in touch with me (either through the Con message system or this blog) and I’ll find you and sign it with a caption and a personal thank you.  The book tells the story of an astronaut who looses his job when NASA gets cancelled in 2023, so he steals their starship designs and builds the ship on his own, getting himself caught up in a dangerous game of cloak-and-dagger between two alien superpowers fighting over Earth.  Check it out!


~ by Bill Housley on August 19, 2011.

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