Caped CONduit 21–Day 1

Yours Truly in General Grievous Cape

I am here at Caped CONduit 2011 at the downtown Radision Hotel in Salt Lake City with my lovely daughter and assistant. I am appropriately garbed in a General Grievous cape and she arrived dressed-up as a steam punk sky pirate character of her own creation called Bess Raptor.

They have an art gallery this year and Bess and I checked it out after the dealer room closed.  Lots of great paintings, sculptures and even some genre-themed “masquerade” masks.  You can bid on them or vote for your favorite or both.

  Twitter at #CONduit21 that Tracy Hickman is here somewhere but I didn’t see him, but I did get to talk to Larry Correia briefly.

Captain Proton and Sector 5 radio were going off about the fact that the Ghostbusters Mobile got stopped and ticketed for impersonating a police car.  I actual seem to recall that happening before somewhere, many years ago.  They’ll vowed to have a lot of fun making promotional hay out of it.

We met a group called the United Space Alliance who promote the Earthly benefits of Space Exploration…my kind of people.  One of them introduced me to a book on space travel technology which included stuff and anti-grav drives.  I’ll have to look at that later when I have a little bit of time.  Their booth had a TV on it playing episodes of the very old and cheesy Flash Gordon.  That was cool,

Bess Raptor

Bess and I will be there again today when things get truly crazy.  If you live in the area stop on by and see us.  You can dress up as your favorite genre or gaming character or persona or just come as you are.  I guarantee they folks there will give you plenty of crazy things to look at.


~ by Bill Housley on May 28, 2011.

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