Into the Dark on Sector 5 Radio

Sector 5 Radio, a show out of Salt Lake City Utah that is broadcast from the K-Talk 630 studios in Salt Lake City Utah.  I don’t know what they’ll want to discuss–they have a copy of Into the Dark, so maybe they’ll whack me over the head with it or something.

Sector 5 is a local production, but has a listenership online all around the country and has had such prestigious guest authors as Kevin J. Anderson, Howard Taylor, and John Brown on their show and I feel privileged to get this chance to talk to their listeners. 

They explore topics from the paranormal, science fiction, and space to what they call “exotic, ultra-high tech”.  The wild geek in me will no-doubt be in a state of over-the-top drunken frolic.  Seriously though, they have a lot of fun with all the stuff that I like to yack about and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Catch the show Saturday evenings at 7:00 pm mountain standard time.  I’ll be on during the second hour of the May 7th show.  Be sure to tune in online or on your AM radio while your jogging around breathing in the fresh, hot, Caesium-137.

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Stream it here on Author Bill Housley talks about Another Man’s Terrorist on KEVA Radio.

~ by Bill Housley on April 19, 2011.

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