Rockets Eat Brains!

Geostationary orbit-animation

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Do the math.

Ya, that’s right; I’m talking to you!  No, I’m not talking to the girl sitting next to you, she probably already gets it.

You think you’re so smart? Prove it, smart guy. NASA wants you.  The future of space exploration needs people like you.

Put away the computer game, pull up your pants, and start to work on your future with mathematics.  Mathematics are every bit as challenging as computer games, but they take you real places, and if you spent half as much time on your math homework as you so on your (insert brainless 3D shooter of your choice here) you could become one of the fastest men alive!.

Don’t get it yet? Ok, here’s how it goes; I’ll spell it out for you step by step so you can keep up…

  • After the basic arithmetic, they’ll teach you algebra and geometry.
  • When your good at that, they’ll teach you trigonometry.
  • When your good at trig, they’ll teach you calculus.
  • What follows calculus can launch you into space.

That’s right…SPACE!  Recreational Simulations (i.e. computer games) don’t pay, and they don’t contribute significantly to the world you live in. Real space travel does, but rockets require the following fuel to fly in space…

  • A little hydrazine.
  • Maybe a little kerosene.
  • Some might use a bit of methane.
  • Many use a spec or two of solid-rocket propellant.
  • All of them burn through tons and tons of calculus!

Brains!  They’re not just for geeks anymore!  Show us yours!

~ by Bill Housley on April 1, 2011.

One Response to “Rockets Eat Brains!”

  1. I have developed two games with science aspects.
    One, which you can play online, deals with orbital mechanics on an intuitive level:

    The other one is an iPhone app, a game with mechanics similar to breakout and math operations featured in an intuitive manner:

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