The Cellphone that Killed the King

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Dear Mr. Ghaddafi,

Your days are numbered.  They are numbered by the information technology that currently spreads like wildfire over the Earth and crowds the borders of your land.

You know what I’m talking about; the global information sharing made possible through the Internet and fingertip access to the same through cellular telephones which have joined your enemies at home and abroad in a common cause to shrink you.

Sometimes you can suppress it, and with it suppress your people and their ability to communicate with the rest of the world, but when you do that then those parts of your country which you still rule will continue to fall behind.

Information openness is here for good, and is too large for you to stop it.  The noble people of Libya who continue to compete with the rest of the world with its productivity, wealth, knowledge and opportunity are those who will have unfettered access to the Internet and their hand-held devices but you cannot shoot these freedom-loving citizens in the streets without me, and other freedom-loving people like me everywhere, knowing about it in minutes and taking action.  Those who would be oppressed will continue to talk to us and we will continue talk to them and we will tell them of all the things they have missed out on by following you.  I and others like me will continue to scream the slogans of technology and freedom, blog the words of technology and freedom, fight the battle for technology and freedom and vote for the leaders of technology and freedom with our ballots, our wallets, and our computers.  Your bullets cannot fly far enough to silence us.

You tyrants, despots, and tin-horn dictators can run but you cannot hide.  The information age will root you all out of your heavily-armed palaces and bunkers, one by one, and either destroy you or render you inert.  Those of your people who follow us will progress and thrive with the rest of the world, see you for what you really are, and eventually bring you to room temperature while those backward slaves who continue to follow you will miss the train of progress and be left all alone without a ride, lost in the dust of history—as irrelevant on the world stage as Bushmen.

Either way you, and rulers of your ilk, are finished.  The making of no-fly zones is only the beginning of the end.  Those loud noises you will soon hear will be the sounds of lots of angry people coming to get you.

 Have a nice day  🙂


~ by Bill Housley on March 18, 2011.

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