Facebook Shutdown (Not!)

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This post is in response to the rumor that Facebook will shut down on March 15th.

Ok…reality check here.  First of all, this rumor has been pretty much debunked by now.  However, since things like this have a tendency to re-grow months, sometimes years, after having been cut down here are some things to remember for the future…

Would very recent 500 million dollar investors allow a chief executive to shut down a company on a whim, and make their investment worthless?

Shake your head no.

Even if they did, would any responsible company with a following the size of Facebook.com do something like that without an official, on-site, “out of the horse’s mouth” pronouncement, with multiple reminders leading up to the impending end?

Again, shake your head no.

Should you always keep multiple copies of all photos that you would find it distressing to lose?

Of course you should.

If something does happen to the largest social networking site on the Internet, don’t jump!  Someone would be sure to gobble up that market share, possibly replacing it with something even better.

So relax.

~ by Bill Housley on January 9, 2011.

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